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national real estate lending and investment firm seeking a $100 million capital to lend to borrowers that renovate and flip residential and commercial real estate projects


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Real Estate Lending and Investment Company



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Helping Great Companies Grow


  • Grand Coast Capital Group, LLC (GC) is a specialty finance company that lends to developers on fix and flip single family homes​
  • Seeking $100+/- million of capital to finance future lending
  • Ability to lend in all 50 states​
  • To date, GC has successfully originated and funded over $230 million in loans​
  • Offices in Boston, MA and San Diego, CA​
  • Management team has extensive experience in the space​
    • 40+ years of combined real estate experience: $450M in commercial and residential acquisitions; 1,000 residential “fix and flips” projects; $200M in private real estate loans
    • expertise in all key disciplines, including finance, development, construction, management, due diligence, etc.
    • extensive network of real estate borrowers nationwide through their affiliated companies and existing relationships
GCFF Overview
Helping Great Companies Grow


  • Markets with highest home flipping rate
    • in Q2 2016, 5.5% (51,434) of all single family home and condo sales were flips, a 14% increase from the previous quarter and up 3% from a year ago to the highest rate of home flips since Q2 2010 – a six-year high
  • Gross flipping profit increases to new all-time high
    • homes flipped in Q2 2016 sold on average for $189,000, a 48.8% increase from the previous quarter, up from a 47.5% average gross flipping ROI in Q2 2015
  • Markets with highest gross flipping profits
    • home flippers are realizing a much bigger gross ROI in 2016, averaging 49% in the first two quarters compared to an average gross ROI of just 27% in 2006
  • Traditional financing institutions lack required flexibility
    • bank loans require low LTV and high debt service coverage ratio
    • entrepreneurs and investors seek alternatives to banks – longer term loans; streamlined process
Helping Great Companies Grow


  • Repeat Business/Long Term Relationship
    • identify borrowers with correct “mindset” – passionate, hard-working, honest, high integrity
    • preferred capital provider for smaller, successful operators that have consistent deal flow in their local market
  • Win-Win Strategy
    • all parties involved in the transaction (borrower, lender, broker, etc.) benefit from the transaction
    • verify borrower makes a sufficient profit in downside scenario and ability to payoff loan
  • Not a “Loan-To-Own” Lender
    • lend on transactions with successful operators that have consistent deal flow in their local market with a viable exit strategy
  • Borrower Profile
    • experienced with proven track record
    • local operator with strong market knowledge and expertise
  • Underwriting

    • emphasis on LTV and LTC
    • seek to stay below 70% LTV
    • ability to service the debt
    • viable exit strategy
Helping Great Companies Grow


Jeff Carter


(857) 254-1609

  • Over ten years of experience in the real estate and investment sector – total real estate acquisition value in excess of $400 million.
  • Prior to co-founding Grand Coast Capital Group, spent the last 3.5 years as a principal and Managing Partner at Triad Alpha Partners, where he focused on multi-family development and commercial investment.
  • Previously, Regional Director of Acquisitions for a real estate private equity firm that acquired and managed net-leased properties across the country. Oversees and manages all aspects of the business.
  • Masters in Finance from Suffolk University and BS from Vanderbilt University.

Paul Esajian

Managing Director

(857) 206-6464

  • Co-founded the firm in 2013 and brings 10+ years of real estate investment experience totaling over $200M in asset value
  • Works closely with Jeff in all aspects of the business, as well as serving on Investment Committee
  • Founded and currently manages as CFO CT Homes LLC and FortuneBuilders, Inc.
  • BS in Economics from University of California Davis


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