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  • Gravitas Infinitum, LLC (Gravitas) is seeking +/- $75 million to build a bio-materials manufacturing plant that uses the hemp plant as its feedstock
  • Subsequently, plan to build six 100acre campuses in the State of Florida, which will serve as a blueprint for expansion into other areas 
  • Each facility will house the Closed Loop Water Remediation, Zero Waste Carbon-Capturing, Whole Plant Hemp Processors and BioMachine Translation of waste plastic into 1,000’s of bio-materials such as bio-plastics, foods, paper, ethanol, juices and oils 
  • Led by a seasoned team of business professionals with experience in advising, operating, and investing in technology companies, and involved in the management of over $10 billion worth of transactions 
Helping Great Companies Grow


  • The global biomaterials market size was estimated at USD 106.5 billion in 2019 and is expected to register a CAGR of 15.9% over the forecast period 
  • The global industrial hemp market size is also projected to grow significantly 
  • The industry addresses several problems: 
    • quality  
    • risk  
    • technology 
    • waste 
    • waste Plastic conversion 
    • water remediation 
    • carbon capture origination 
    • quality and quantity supply of bio-materials 
    • unemployment 
Helping Great Companies Grow


  • Integrating existing technological innovations
  • Developed a manufacturing bio-machine that uses energy from waste plastics and water for conversion into four simple inputs that are used to grow indoor hemp feedstock
  • Working with the leading companies in automation, warehousing, robotics, software, process control, hydroponics and horticulture 
  • Gravitas has developed a solution that not only integrates into the existing industry, solving the missing links/choke points, but also stands alone as a fully integrated Bio-Materials Commodity Producer 
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Allen Witters

Managing Member of Magna Recurrit, LLC

  • Led private and public companies from startup to multi-billion-dollar businesses in diverse industries in both domestic and international markets.
    Managed operations in 88 countries and serviced 135 countries around the globe.
  • Led multiple corporate development transactions, financings and purchase agreements from $1M to $9.6B as well as post-acquisition transitions and initiatives.
  • As Senior Executive, was responsible for the capture, proposal, design, and operational roll-out of approximately 40% of the contract award.
  • Directly interfaced with Senior Executive Staff in the DOD, Navy and Marine Corps, as well as securing contracts with 63 Fortune 100 companies.

John Arciero

Managing Member of Arciero and Associates

  • Highly successful real estate professional and developer, prior to forming his first company in corporate security.
  • Grew that company to 250 employees before exiting via sale to a much larger competitor.
  • Significant experience selling to mid-market and Fortune 500 clients, before launching consulting firm, Arciero Associates.
  • Innovative marketing and sales strategies have yielded high-level client relationships and exceeded sales and revenue targets annually.

Dan Bryant

Managing Member of Legal Business Advisors, LLC

  • Driving structural innovation for over 25 years, becoming a leader in adapting across diverse markets including financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, technology, law and real estate.
  • Began his career after law and business school as an attorney in private practice, working with clients from start-ups to Fortune 5 companies.
  • Adapts to emerging situations.
  • CEO of three venture-backed firms in a wide array of industries.

Jason Gabauer

Chief Financial Officer

  • Over 20 years of financial and operational experience from the smallest of family offices to the largest conglomerates, including General Electric.
  • Focus throughout his career has been on creating operational and financial efficiency to allow companies to dedicate more time creating shareholder and consumer value.
Helping Great Companies Grow
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