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Infinity Capital Finance is seeking $100 million to grow its real estate investment platform that provides first-lien hard money loans on non-owner-occupied residential real estate

Target properties include single-family residential (SFR) and multifamily

Fund operator has extensive experience in real estate and private equity, and has successfully managed the previous platform

Residential real estate market continues to see strong demand from buyers, even in current economic climate


Private real estate debt expected to offer attractive investment opportunities, especially in a volatile real estate and macro-economic market

Hard money real estate market in the US is around $10 billion annually

Closed $20 million in loans so far in 2022, reflecting active “fix & flip” market activity despite larger macroeconomic factors


Short-term hard money loans secured by first liens on attractive residential properties

Sensitive to hyperlocal characteristics of different markets

Management utilizes strong analytical and research methodologies

Identifies markets and properties for the highest targeted return on short-term invested capital

Platform has funded $32 million in high-performing loans in this strategy in the last 12 months with zero delinquency or loss; 97% of current hard money borrowers are experienced fix & flip investors with a 702 average FICO score


Market-based focus: Deployment of debt capital to regions experiencing high economic growth, accelerated real estate transaction times and increased buyer demand

Increased note buyer pool and balance sheet capability facilitates long-term objectives of expanding to additional markets and development of new lending programs

Quick nature of “fix & flip” investing in concert with risk-adjusted returns compared to other asset classes allows for quick, competitive returns

  • Projected 27% ROI over 3-year fund life


Sean Richway


Ten years in the real estate industry covering private equity, ground-up, residential flips, and residential rentals

Three years in private equity evaluating multifamily value add projects across the US

Transitioned to public accounting as an auditor for multiple residential and commercial real estate developers

Has originated over $125 million in transactions. Closed $20 million in loans so far in 2022

Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Widener University

Greg Wilson

Managing Director

Twenty years of experience in real estate and entrepreneurship

Founder and publisher of popular social media content and websites focused on fix & flip and private hard money lending

Previous experience in investor relationship management, marketing and finance for prior real estate fund

Publicized author to popular Southern California-based business newspaper publication 


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