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  • ICM is seeking $3 billion for three projects: a themed resort and two additional major resort destinations in Mexico that it will own/operate under license from GCS Inc (each of the latter with +/-10,000 keys in multiple hotels, convention center, shopping/entertainment, and each having a significant theme park as the anchor).  Projects fall under the Infinity themed entertainment, digital content, hospitality and real estate development umbrella.
    • Each project is independent and stand-alone, and can be funded as such
    • Fills a key gap in the Latin American tourism market while also catering to existing base of 14 million American, Canadian and European tourists
    • significant demand for this attraction in Mexico as Latin American tourism either pivots away from Orlando, Florida, or is visa restricted from accessing the USA
    • great option for theme park enthusiasts from around the world, with many advantages over existing destinations they have visited already
    • First project is Grand Tortuga Resort (already permitted), a separate stand-alone Transporter Club and Haunted Hacienda, themed dining venues. and digital production as required – capital need is $445,566,323
    • Company has around $1.5 billion of capital already secured in the project including:
    • land secured into Grand Tortuga, the first project, and ongoing negotiations for the land for Infinity City Mazatlan and Quintana Roo
    • financing LOIs for all three projects at various stages of permitting
    • construction LOIs on the larger two projects with the potential to transfer them to Grand Tortuga
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  • Mexico continues to grow as a global tourist destination spot, particularly the Southeast (Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya) and the Pacific (Mazatlán)
  • The rather small existing attractions industry in Mexico (mostly located outside the Cancun and Mazatlan areas) has tremendous pent-up and underserved demand, up to an estimated USD $15 Billion/yr. There are currently no upscale, Orlando-quality destinations or themed resorts in Mexico or Latin America. Before saturating the existing demand, Mexico would need 5 themed parks in the scale of Infinity Park
  • Many large brands are not looking at Latin America to expand their parks, so there is a large opportunity to bring a development such as this to the area
  • Disney, and other key existing large competitive brands are debt laden. They have grown through debt-funded acquisitions and are syphoning resources from profitable units (i.e. theme parks) to fund under-performing units (i.e. studios). As a result, combined with their continued expenses and lack of revenue from COVID-19, these key competitors are not positioned to pursue new cost-competitive themed park entertainment and themed dining options in Latin America
  • 49% of Visa requests from all of Latin America are rejected, and many of these applicants want to go to the theme parks in the USA. This is a significant pent-up demand. All of these potential visitors can go to Cancun and Mazatlán without a Visa
  • Latinos in the US will go back to Mexico to take their Latin American families to these theme parks, which will be first to market
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    • Build an appealing offering of themed destinations in Mexico aimed at 14 million existing, and new international (US, Canada, Europe), regional (Latam) and local (Mexico) tourism, to take advantage of the existing booming tourism demand in the area, and to expand such tourism
    • Create an expansive series of themed destinations that fill the gaps in the attractions industry in Mexico and Latin America by origin, price point, segment and location
    • Capitalize on the lack of vision and capabilities by large competitive brands who have over-spent, become debt laden, and wasteful.
    • Debt-free ICM can execute being first-to-market in the region and South American and Central American continental area, catering to existing demand/tourists looking for better and accessible tourism opportunities with a series of projects with added cost efficiencies, user experience improvements and right-tech approach
    • Projects are price competitive, tap an existing tourism base (70%), draw industry fans as new tourists (20%), divert some LATAM traffic (10%) from Orlando
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Carl H. Schulte


A visionary and strategic creative professional and architectural project developer with design, management, operations, sales/marketing, and I.P. management experience in themed entertainment industry focus (amusement and theme parks, themed resorts, themed dining, stand-alone attractions) and general architecture. Focused on design, based in the design-build methods (focus on efficient design in partnership with builder and with manufacturers’ input). Researches and analyzes existing processes seeking more efficient and improved quality user experiences. 30 years’ experience in creative development, story development, I.P. management, publishing and in the amusement and themed attractions industry. Creator and owner of more than 1000 copyrights, TMs, registered TMs.

Peter Van Bilsen


An experienced executive with operations, finance, sales & marketing, and import/export experience in various industries (amusement and theme parks, automotive, and manufacturing equipment). Has serviced over 400 of the top theme parks and amusement facilities in the world, providing rides, attractions, operational consulting and maintenance plans 20 years’ experience in the leisure and themed attraction industry, with success in the marketing, concept design, branding, and operations and financing of parks and attractions. Erasmus University Star International Business School leisure cases in various countries. Specialties include operations, sales, marketing, concept engineering, CRM, international business, financing, export/import. Themed amusement experience includes EVP of Vekoma Rides Manufacturing BV, CFO of Space Port Leisure, Six Flags China, Dubai, Saudi Arabia.

Pedro Herran


Experienced with 30 years of consumer products, advisory, investment management experience in the US and Latam. Focused on working with high level performance teams in an effort to grow shareholder value in a sustained manner over the long term. Regional CFO of Sara Lee Personal Products, President/General Manager of Cadbury Schweppes PLC – Latin America Beverage based in Mexico City from 2000 to 2008. EVP of Corporate Strategy for Dr. Pepper Snapple Group in Plano, Texas. Specialties include strategy development and execution focused on organization management, mergers and acquisitions execution, leadership and talent development. Holds BS in Accounting from Arizona State University, and an MBA from Duke University Fuqua School of Business.

Emilia Nuccio

Licensing and Sales Executive Advisor


A Senior Executive with global and Latin American television and digital media, program sales and acquisitions experience.  30+ year career. Expertise in licensing, cross-platform content acquisition and distribution, business development, marketing, consumer products and merchandising.  Founder and president of Enoro Media LLC, a leading marketer of content with a growing portfolio of quality media entertainment programming for linear TV and video streaming broadcasters/platforms.  Past positions and companies include Sr. VP-International Sales for Dynamic Television; President-International Distribution for Echo Bridge Entertainment; President-International Programming and Licensing Sales for The Itsy Bitsy Entertainment Company; VP-LATAM Sales for BBC Worldwide Americas; International Director of Sales for Televisa (worldwide leading Spanish-Language TV Network and content producer). Specialties include the U.S., U.S. Hispanic and LATAM Markets. Holds a Graduate Fellowship, Spanish and Italian Languages and Literature from Yale University, and a Bachelors of Arts Magna Cum Laude, Romance Languages from Queens University. Fluent in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and has a working knowledge of German and Portuguese.


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