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Innovative Real Estate is seeking capital to develop a 119 acre master planned development of energy, industrial and data customized facilities to a wide range of tenants at an affordable rate located in Alberta, Canada

The development will include:

  • Utility – 20mw Cogen (Hydrogen and Gas) facility – Raising USD20m to commence;

  • Real Estate – 4 Industrial Buildings – Raising USD92m to commence;

  • 50mw Data Centre – Raising USD85m to commence

The land is owned debt-free by the sponsor and will be contributed as equity (current market value of $14.72 million). In addition, the sponsor has invested $1.6 million for feasibility studies and soft costs

Prime location, close to two international airports, a regional airport, rail infrastructure and accessibility to the power grid

Project is shovel ready

Alberta Government and local cities and counties are standing by to participate in the official announcement of development



Strategically and centrally located in a global transportation corridor

2 international distribution airports, a regional airport, rail, highway

Lowest corporate tax rate in Canada at 8%

No payroll taxes, sales taxes, or capital gains taxes

Economically strong, business friendly, globally connected, talent and productivity

Large labour force with leading colleges and universities in 1.5 hour proximities

Business operators can distribute products in Canada in less then 12 hours and globally in 24 hours



Zoned for Business Service Industrial (BSI) with permitted uses not available globally

Smart community with automated technologies

Bluetooth-ready medical or food grade finished facilities

Environmentally-friendly, non-combustible construction

24-hour on-site monitoring with 2 factor security authentication

Common areas with board rooms, offices & presentation kitchen

Advanced UV lightning, air purification & mechanical systems

1.6 to 30MW of consistent power per building

Fibre optic internet with cyber security controls

On-site digital signage, basketball courts & fitness facility

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