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Innoviom, a global food and beverage company, is seeking $7 million for brand support, market/sales expansion, and
project innovation.

  • Packaged foods, snacks, edibles, non-alcoholic beverages

  • $9.4 million equity raised to date

  • Three brands already in market with established supply chain and distribution networks
    • Tranquini® – wellness beverage with a proprietary relaxation formulation
    • WOWIE™ – hemp infused beverage
    • NaturGeeks™ a functional beverage line – first immunity product – with a shot of a unique mix of ingredient and vitamins aimed at boosting immunity

  • Led by a professional management team with over 100 years of Fortune 500 company experience in the food, beverage and consumer product space

  • Immediate focus on building the brands in North America, UK and Germany
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  • Health and wellness category growing at 5% annually vs. flat soft drink market

  • 63% consumers globally are interested in food and drink products customized to meet individual health needs (FMCG Gurus, 2020)

  • People aspire towards a better lifestyle, stronger health, mental wellbeing, and stress-free life

  • Over 50% of consumers in 48 countries seek stress-relieving products (Canadean 2015 Country Survey)

  •  Research shows that 57% of Millennials are focused on their immune system strength and 64% on mental health (Euromonitor’s Health and Nutrition survey)

  • While being driven by health and nutrition, consumers do not compromise on taste

  • Immediate growth opportunity in the Cannabis/Hemp market

  • 43% CAGR to $1.9bn by 2022 (Hemp Business Journal June 2019)

  • $736 million U.S Hemp-Based CBD product sales by channel in 2020 (Hemp Business Journal June 2019)
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  • Build Distribution: Focus on E-commerce, key channels and regional hubs in US

  • Awareness and Image: Social media and digital advertising, influencer partnerships, link back to e-commerce

  • Consumer Trial: Paid trial via E-commerce and other platforms

  • Innovative Products: Creating new brands and constantly upgrading formulas with new ingredients and utilizing new technologies/SKUs

  • Focus: USA, Germany, UK and Canada

  • Existing Partnerships in Place:
    • Strategic hemp suppliers in different countries
      • In US, Innoviom’s key supplier is VERTOSA: As products are introduced and demand increases into more markets Innoviom plans to produce and source locally, as appropriate, and intends to secure partners to provide ingredients in those markets – ensuring supply and quality.

  • Key distribution partnerships

    • In US Innoviom is listed with KEHE and UNF key national distributors and will expand with local distributors to build its presence.
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Ahmed El Azizi


➢ Global VP Functional Beverages, PepsiCo
➢ Commercial VP, PepsiCo
➢ Marketing Director, Coca-Cola

Julia Trofimova 
Chief Growth Officer

➢ Regional Marketing Director, DIAGEO
➢ Regional Marketing Director, Red Bull
➢ Brand Marketing Manager, Danone
➢ Group Brand Manager, Coca-Cola

Christine Morcos

➢ Regional CFO/VP Finance, Pfizer
➢ Group Financial Planning and Reporting Manager, Gillette
➢ Finance Manager, Procter & Gamble

Jorge G. Canizares – Head of Operations & Supply Chain

➢ Senior Director Global Procurement, PepsiCo
➢ Multi country expertise
➢ MBA and CFA holder

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