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$19.1 million

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Iron Hawk Energy Group LLC is an independent oil & gas company headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma that acquires, develops and produces domestic oil & gas properties.

$10 million preferred equity immediate, time sensitive opportunity to develop fully-owned oil & gas base assets (sponsor contributing existing assets at an estimated value of $9.1 million @NPV30).

  • Developing existing base assets through remedial maintenance, re-completions and drilling of low risk development wells
    • estimated EUR 1.36 million oil barrels
    • estimated average finding costs of $6.37 per barrel and average lifting costs of $12.48 per barrel yields an average breakeven cost of $18.85 per barrel
  • Projected value creation reflecting Iron Hawk’s geological and geophysical expertise and proprietary technology to identify additional vertical drilling locations, reduce operating costs and eliminate ‘zero-value’ wells
  • Significant oil & gas expertise operating, producing, developing and exploiting oil & gas properties, and identifying oil & gas assets for acquisition
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