low-cost, clean electric power

MORE AT A LOWER COST. ITerum  Energy’s proprietary modular energy systems are highly competitive versus currently available renewable Waste-to-Power (WTP) systems

  • approximately 40% less expensive
  • about 3x more electric power produced per project
  • manages all heat stream simultaneously – both heating and cooling
  • fewer units required – simple project design, reduced maintenance

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY.  Converts industrial waste heat and GHG emissions into clean electric power (fuel-free)

RAPIDLY EXPANDING HUGE MARKET.  Global WTP market is projected to climb to $25.7 billion in 2026E (from $13.4 billion in 2021)

EXPERIENCED MANAGEMENT TEAM. Successful track record of building and managing energy, industrial manufacturing, and technology companies


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$44.62 Million



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$5 Million

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ITerum Energy Company will manufacture and market modular power generation systems to convert waste-heat into low-cost, environmentally-friendly electric power (Waste-to-Power, or WTP).

  • Converts greenhouse gas (GHG) thermal emissions and industrial waste-heat into clean electric power (fuel-free)
  • Custom-designed, modular, and scalable architecture – maximizes electric power production from a wide variety of sources – lower-cost and more efficient than current alternatives
  • Partners with producers of GHG emissions and waste-heat to install and manage energy solutions – customers use or sell surplus power to grid
  • Rapidly expanding global market for emerging renewable technologies such as WTP
  • Experienced management team – long and successful track record successfully building and managing energy, industrial manufacturing, and technology companies

ITerum Energy has identified new market opportunities within the renewable energy industry through its capability to convert a variety of energy sources to a range of useful utilities

Problem – GHG Emissions and Waste-Heat 1,2,3,4

Nearly three-quarters of all energy produced by humanity is squandered as waste heat – new technologies are now exploring ways to capture and reuse this vast renewable source

  • Fossil fuels are major contributors waste heat pollution and GHG emissions – which has led to negative environmental concerns such as global warming, weather changes and a variety of illnesses
  • Industries, utilities, and transportation – large sources of waste heat with enormous potential to be converted to renewable power (WTP)
  • Landfills, waste incineration, and agricultural waste – emit methane and biogas which contribute to GHG emissions

Opportunity 5,6

To limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, over $131 trillion (34% efficiency, 26% renewables, 22% electrification, and 18% other) of investment is estimated to be required between 2015 and 2050E 

  • Renewable energy markets have been led by wind and solar – but new opportunities are emerging to increase the utilization of other renewable energy resources such as waste heat recovery, geothermal, biomass, and hydro
  • Global WTP market is projecte to climb to $25.7 billion by 2026E from $13.4 billion in 2021


ITerum deploys innovative, engineered renewable energy solutions into key markets where we utilize our industry knowledge, experience, and contacts to create – Energy from Renewable Sources™ 

  • Generates clean electric power (fuel-free, emissions-free) using locally sourced GHG emissions and waste heat; additional high-value utilities – heating, cooling, potable water, hydrogen, and EV charging
  • Risk management – business interruption from natural disasters (off-grid power production and energy storage; off-grid EV charging stations); business liability (waste heat mitigation; water treatment)
  • Proprietary engineering, software, and process design – commercially available and proven technologies (fuel-free, emissions-free) – know-how, trade secrets, trademarks

Partnership Model

Partner with emitters of GHG and waste-heat to create…

  • Heat Energy Conversion System – SPV LLCs
  • New revenue streams – customers use green electric power or sell surplus green electric power to the Grid
  • Mature and extensive pipeline of potential partners

ITerum Modular Energy Systems