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$18 million

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Keyavi Data Corp. is seeking up to $18 million equity to grow its multi-award-winning patented cybersecurity solution, a radical paradigm shift that could change the very nature of data security. Embedded data-centric security strategy that helps data remain protected throughout its lifecycle.


  • First solution of its kind to offer real-time self-protecting data that keeps user in control of their data in perpetuity, across all copies, with comprehensive logging of data file access, access violations, and policy changes of significant intellectual property with an 18-patent family portfolio (12 awarded; 6 in application)

  • Offering Keyavi solutions across all platforms including MAC, IOS, Android, Web, Windows and Cloud

  • 22 awards since 2020, including Startup of the Year in the 18th Annual Global Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards in 2022 & Top Innovator in 2023

  • The global cybersecurity total addressable market was $222 billion in 2023; expected to be $500 billion by 2030

  • Highly skilled and experienced management team including Microsoft, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, DOD, Citi, Deloitte, and Cisco

  • Management believes the company is on pace to add $5 million in 2024 to its existing $250k ARR


  • The entire cybersecurity market faces one problem: data cannot protect itself. If a bad actor can get to data through many various means, the data is easily taken and cannot be seen or controlled once taken

  • In H1 2020, 36 billion records were exposed as a result of data breaches

  • Cyber Crime is expected to cost $10.5 Trillion annually by 2025

  • Large-scale, well-publicized incidents such as SolarWinds-related attacks and other high-profile attacks on entities such as Twitter, Marriott, MGM and Uber have caused financial and various other damages

  • Currently available solutions have significant limitations in the way data is protected

  • When data is shared intentionally, once it is outside of the span of control of the owner, it is no longer controllable or visible


Keyavi’s technology proposes a radical paradigm shift. First solution of its kind to offer near real-time logging of data file access, access violations, and policy changes

  • Self-Protecting: Data is infused with a micro-database to store policy and multiple layers of encryption protecting from major and minor breaches

  • Intelligent: A combination of geofencing by location, time embargoes, identity authentication and policy settings allow Keyavi-protected files to determine who may open your files, where and when

  • Self-Reporting: All access to protected files is reported in near real time -Keyavi forensics provide administrators with visibility into data chain-of-custody

  • Products: Keyavi has innovated the first patented technology where crypto keys, wallets and forensic data is its own resilient fortress, securing them from theft, unauthorized access, and baking in pending governance, regulatory and compliance (AML, KYC) requirements to restore trust in digital assets & transactions


Self-protecting data is the panacea the cybersecurity world has been aspiring for since its inception. There have been unsuccessful attempts in the past to try to solve this problem, but none have succeeded.


Keyavi stands alone – management believes there are no competitors on the market that can do self-protecting, self-aware, intelligent, and self-reporting data.


February 2024:

  • Public API platform

January 2024:

  • Keyavi as a service (SaaS) launch

April 2023:

  • Keyavi partners with CineSys to bring game changing data protection to media and entertainment. Together CineSys and Keyavi will provide studios and creators with policy-based control that allows them to protect their business assets with end-to-end enforceable restrictions over users, locations, time access, and more

January 2023:

  • First notable revenue -$248k ARR

March 2022:

  • Keyavi Data wins gold as Startup of the Year in 18th Annual Globee Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards (2022)

November 2021:

  • Keyavi Data wins Fast Company’s first-ever Next Big Things in Tech Award
  • Keyavi Data wins CISO Choice Award for Transformative Data Security Innovation

August 2021:

  • Cyber Defense Magazine honors Keyavi’sbreakthrough self-protecting data security technology and three executives in multiple categories


Tom Chilcott | CFO, CEO

Collaborative, Mission driven with experience in Cor Restructuring, M&A, IPO, Capital Raise, Investor Relations, Financial Strategy: from $7B agency to Mid-Market companies in $100Ms and startups. Growth experience from start to $100M+, from 35 FTEs to thousands and to public and private exit.

Sean Thurston | Co-Founder & Chief Information Officer

Security Leadership roles @ Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Microsoft and Sprint. IT strategy, data center, system deployment, governance, risk and secure cloud enablement.

Shai Guday | Chief Product Officer

20 years at Microsoft Clustering,, Windows Wireless, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, and Mobile Connectivity Before joining Keyavi Data. Primary inventor or coinventor on 35 granted patents.

TJ MinichilloChief Information Security Officer

Strategic Intelligence: Citigroup’s Cyber Intelligence Center, National Grid, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Department of Defense, Unisys, and Booz-Allen and Hamilton. TJ is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and holds an MBA from Farleigh Dickinson University.

Todd Demko | Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer, Board of Directors

Investor & Entrepreneur of 25yrs. Passion for winning seed investment opportunities in Ed Tech, Health. BSEE, Global Business, Alternative Investments, Capital Structure, Deal Generation. Corp Strategy Tech & Software, leading to the founding of Vonzos Partners, the original Keyavi funding source.

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