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$10 Million

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Keyavi Data Corp. is seeking up to $10 million equity to grow its multi-award-winning patented cybersecurity solution, a radical paradigm shift that could change the very nature of data security. Embedded data-centric security strategy that helps data remain protected throughout its lifecycle.

  • First solution of its kind to offer real-time self-protecting data that keeps user in control of their data in perpetuity, across all copies, with comprehensive logging of data file access, access violations, and policy changes of significant intellectual property with an 18-patent family portfolio (12 awarded; 6 in application)

  • Offering Keyavi solutions across all platforms including MAC, IOS, Android, Web, Windows and Cloud

  • The global cybersecurity total addressable market was $222 billion in 2023; expected to be $500 billion by 2030

  • Highly skilled and experienced management team including Microsoft, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, DOD, Citi, Deloitte, and Cisco

  • Management believes the company is on pace to add $3.1 million in 2024 to its existing $250k ARR (Note: Projected revenues are based on company’s model that may be subject to revisions, various assumptions and factors that may not materialize. The model is available to investors upon request. There is no guarantee that the company will be able to achieve such results.) 


Data sharing is a ubiquitous business requirement across all industries

Existing data protection solutions lack the ability to protect and control files once shared

Organizations are relying on trust that their data is secure when outside of their environment

Common struggles:

  • Supply chain risk
  • Insider threat
  • Compliance obligations
  • IP protection
  • Malicious attacks (e.g., ransomware, phishing)
  • Remote work


INDUSTRY:                                          INVESTMENT TYPE:     

Technology                                         Equity

COMPANY TYPE:                                SERIES:

Cybersecurity                                      A1 Preferred –Terms negotiable

LOCATION:                                         TERMS:

Colorado Operations                          $10M

(Inc. in Delaware)                               – First $3M: 25% Discount IP

                                                                          RAISED IN THIS ROUND

                                                                          – $1.8M closed


Tom Chilcott | Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer

Mission driven with experience in Corp Restructuring, M&A, IPO, Capital Raise, Investor Relations, Financial  Strategy: from  $7B global agency to Mid Market companies in $100Ms and startups.  Growth experience from start to $100M+, from 35 FTEs to thousands and to public and private exit.

Prashant Nijasure | Chief Technology Officer

Technocrat with 20+ years of expertise in propelling organizational growth through proven excellence in technology evaluation, enterprise products development, data, cybersecurity, infrastructure, and distributed software architecture. Past positions include: VP @ JP Morgan, Tech Architect @ Deloitte

Todd Demko | Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer, Board of Directors

Investor & Entrepreneur of 25yrs.  Passion for winning seed investment opportunities in Ed tech, Health.  BSEE, Global Business, Alternative Investments, Capital Structure, Deal Generation, Corp Strategy  Tech & Software, leading to the founding of Vonzos Partners, the original Keyavi funding source.  20+ yrs of technical sales.

TJ Minichillo | Chief Information Security Officer

Strategic Intelligence: Citigroup’s Cyber Intelligence Center, National Grid, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Department of Defense, Unisys, and Booz-Allen and Hamilton. TJ is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and holds an MBA from Farleigh Dickinson University.

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