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Lenderworks empowers mortgage companies  to focus on acquiring talent and customers

Lenderworks is seeking +/-$30 million to grow beyond its current customer base  and market its services to the mortgage industry

Lenderworks has built up demand for its services and a backlog of opportunities

Offers a “mortgage in a box” solution – spanning technology, compliance, capital  markets, and other shared services

Lenderworks has a successful 10-year track record of providing third party  mortgage solution services on over $9+ Billion of transactions in 2021



Lenderworks is capitalizing on the emerging  fintech opportunity in the mortgage industry

The Mortgage Bankers Association forecasts a $2.59 Trillion mortgage market for  2022, of which non-banks and independents have originated ~70% in recent years

Cost to originate a mortgage has remained relatively flat at ~$9k per file since 2016, as  companies have struggled to realize cost savings promised by digital transformation

Regardless of market conditions, lenders’ ability to scale up or down to meet demandand maximize efficiencies will have the greatest impact on mortgage profitability

The mortgage technology eco-system is complex and difficult to navigate, adoption  has become critical to drive efficiency and remain relevant in a digital first market

Companies of all sizes need best in class execution to remain competitive



Lenderworks drives down costs by providing a predictable cost structure to loan execution

10+ years of industry relationships and operating capabilities

Lenderworks demystifies the mortgage technology ecosystem by providing dedicated  industry experts to leverage best practices and knowhow

Optimizes technology stack with the leading vendors at competitive industry prices

Drives efficiencies with best-in-class workflows throughout the loan execution life cycle

Establishes business centric KPIs and manages/monitors implementation and utilization  to drive user adoption and realize positive economics


The Lenderworks fintech solution

Mortgage companies can keep their focus as a sales organization, operating with a  predictable expense structure for loan execution

Full service “done for you” mortgage origination solution

Custom solutions and advisory services, to support mortgage company’s digital


The Lenderworks solution has allowed our two affiliate clients to scale production by  more than 100%


Exceptional Leadership and Management Team

Andrew Peters


25+ years of industry experience, in  origination, servicing, and GSE

Prior to  joining Lenderworks, Vice President at  Fannie Mae in charge of overall Corporate  Strategy and a member of the Single-  Family leadership team

Prior, was CEO of  First Guaranty Mortgage for seven years.

Leah Lanier


20+ years of experience in retail  origination, change management, risk  mitigation and loan origination  technology

Prior to joining  Lenderworks, served as a technology  subject matter expert in business  process improvement at Wells Fargo.

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