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As a proof of concept, Lexington Water is looking for an initial investment of USD$12.8m to acquire three brownfield projects operated and partially owned by Suez

Lexington Water plans to work initially on:

  • Brownfield projects which have been operational for several years under SUEZ ś leadership with strong historical cash flows
  • Suez is a shareholder and operator of the brownfield assets
  • Additional projects in pipeline (greenfield and brownfield)
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  • About 77% of the population and 79% of GDP production in Mexico is located in areas that have only 32% of the country’s water availability
  • This has prompted the Mexican government to elevate sustainable water management to a national security concern
  • Water availability has dwindled from 18,035 m3/inhabitant/year in 1950 to 3,982 m3 in 2015
  • In total, 635 aquifers provide 37% of water for consumption. Of these aquifers for consumption, 65% are for urban and industrial demand. 106 aquifers are severely overexploited
  • About 76% of water is used in agriculture, but inefficient water-use and competition among water users is generating trade-offs and conflicts
  • Mexico is a predominantly urban nation with 80% of its population inhabiting urban settlements (approximately 95 million urban dwellers) – urban water security is an important priority
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  • Management team has strong expertise in water sector
  • SUEZ is a global leader in resource management, paving the way for a more sustainable future. It provides solutions in three key areas: water and wastewater, recycling and waste recovery, and treatment solutions. SUEZ has built 300 treatment plants in Mexico since 1958 and operates 520,000 m3/d of treated wastewater. The second largest water company in the world
  • Lexington Water and SUEZ Medio Ambiente Mexico have established a strategic partnership to pursue Mexican water projects with the highest positive economic impact and provide solutions for sustainable growth
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Gustavo Castellanos


Fifteen years of experience in investment banking and alternative investments, working at Citigroup Latin America & Global Capital Group.Experience in private equity/venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, structured project finance and strategic consulting in portfolio management, business development, strategic-financial planning and operational performance improvement. Industry specialization: Water, Energy, Infrastructure, Agribusiness, Public Sector and Technology. Bachelors in Business Administration from Anahuac University, MBA at EUDE Business School / RCUEMC | Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Executive Program at Stanford GSB and Certified by the IDB / Columbia University. Harvard Management Mentor Program.

Agustin Tristan

Chief Investment Officer

Five years of experience at Goldman Sachs, New York. Experience in asset management, hedge funds, venture capital, management consulting and investment banking. Experience in consumer/retail, agribusiness, energy, infrastructure, telecommunications, healthcare, real estate, technology, finance and textile industries. Bachelors in Industrial Engineering and MBA from the University of Alabama.

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