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BTC Mining


$5 Million

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Liquid Mining is seeking $5 million of equity under Reg. D and $25 million of equity under Reg. A+ to launch and grow its BTC mining and mining pool operations


Operates 700 mining rigs generating 100,000 Tera hashes per second (Th/s)

Purchasing 1,500 miners, adding over 350,000 terahash

$4.3 million previously raised

Utilizing immersion cooling to cool its miners increasing the hash rate and the expected ROI

Creates additional hash rate efficiency by using technical expertise to obtain the output of 3 ASIC from 2 ASIC

BTC Market Trends

Institutional investors hold positions in public mining operations – Blackrock, Fidelity, Vanguard, Citadel, State Street, Northen Trust, Jane Street, Morgan Stanley, and others

The ETFs have been approved, and demand is outstripping mining by a factor of 10. After only one month 1% of Bitcoin is now held by ETFs

BTC miners are addressing environmental concerns by migrating to hydroelectric, wind, solar, and carbon neutral power sources or purchasing carbon credits

Manufacturers are consistently developing more efficient ASIC equipment reducing the electrical demand

Two nation states have adopted BTC as legal tender and others are experiencing their citizens opting to use crypto currency due to high fiat currency inflation

BTC Has Regulatory Clarity

The SEC and IRS have ruled that BTC is not a security, it is property

Wall Street brands (Blackrock, Fidelity, Invesco, etc.) have filed spot BTC EFT applications

DC Appeals Court vacated SEC’s denial of Greyscale BTC Trust’s application to convert to ETF

BTC derivative contracts have been trading on CME since December 2017

May 2021, Micro BTC derivative contracts (1/10th of BTC) began trading, opening the BTC derivative market to a broader investor base

Global BTC Supply & Demand



Joe Dwyer, Co-Founder

Experienced entrepreneur with technology focus. National sales manager for a digital sign company. While doing real estate development was presented an opportunity to get involved with a Tropical Smoothie Franchise. With team built that from one location to eleven and sold them all at the end of 2021. In addition, to strategic planning, overseeing the acquisition and setup of the commercial real estate and electrical needs for the company.

Rick Dwyer, Co-Founder

Ten years in the US Navy aboard submarines. Gained in-depth knowledge of computers and operating systems. Went into the financial services sector involved in mergers and acquisitions for 16 years raising capital and helping companies list on NASDAQ, AMEX, and OTCBB. Responsible for strategic planning, operations, and securing capital for the company.

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