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$9 Million

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LOXair LLC is raising +/- $10 million to further develop, manufacture and market their advanced-technology oxygen breathing apparatus for mobile and home use. Aspire to lead the portable oxygen therapy solutions market for patients with chronic respiratory conditions.

  • LOXair represents a new paradigm in how supplemental oxygen is delivered to those in need of it


  • We are an engineering company that has safely and effectively replaced bulky, heavy and unstable steel tanks holding high-pressure gas with a lightweight   carbon fiber vessel transporting cryogenic liquid


  • LOXair provides a safer alternative to traditional oxygen storage equipment, while also making items such as an oxygen concentrator obsolete



  • The global therapeutic oxygen market was valued at $4 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $6.5 billion by 2026, presenting a significant growth opportunity


  • COPD is the third leading cause of death in the US, with over 16 million people already diagnosed and millions more undiagnosed


  • Many people with COPD are reluctant to venture out or travel with oxygen tanks, thereby staying confined in their homes, making a bad situation worse

Value Proposition


To drive adoption and increase market penetration, plan to establish strategic collaborations with key stakeholders in the healthcare industry

  • Physician Channel: Build brand awareness among physicians, who are critical influencers in the decision- making process for oxygen therapy solutions


  • Insurance Channel: Targeting the insurance community to position the product as the preferred choice through brand awareness campaigns, thereby driving demand and capturing significant market share


  • Medical Distribution Channels: By forging partnerships with reputable medical distributors, make the product accessible to healthcare facilities, including hospitals, clinics, and durable medical equipment (DME) providers, which will provide valuable expertise in navigating the complex healthcare supply chain


  • US Military and Veterans Administration Channel: Military personnel and veterans have unique healthcare needs with respiratory conditions incurred during service

The LOXair Difference


We eliminate almost all of the challenges that current therapeutic oxygen treatments cause, with increased safety and better outcomes.

  • By changing the paradigm to store liquid oxygen in a cryogenic state instead of as a high-pressure gas, we can make the overall size of the device much, much smaller. Rather than adding energy to gas and delivering it via controlled release, we lower the oxygen’s energy to the point where it is a liquid and provide gas via the controlled addition of energy to convert it to gas


  • Using cutting-edge carbon fiber technology, we can make the tank much, much lighter than the steel counterpart


  • By doing this, the user has a device that would fit in their backpack, freeing the user to get on with their life as usual safely



  • Initial focus on the therapeutic market – the largest single market segment with the same regulatory hurdles as most secondary market segments. FDA approval is a minimum level regulatory compliance that is required, and that approval should in turn open up additional market segments in the US and globally


  • Scalable technology model. The same solution developed for the therapeutic market can be adapted easily to cater for first responders, the military, etc.


  • Flexible delivery model. The primary approach is a wholesale/distributor model in partnership with healthcare providers, but a direct-to-consumer avenue is also being developed
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