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Shortages Expected in Genre Films for Theatrical Distribution

Luminosity is seeking $20 million of equity to produce moderate budget ($5-20 million) genre films for theatrical distribution –

Very experienced Management Team having produced/distributed 100+ films, many with “A-List” talent under distribution deals with major studios

The ever-improving home entertainment experience and expanding availability of streaming services have materially changed consumption habits

Leading entertainment brands are shifting from theatrically distributed genre films to wide release multiple income stream “tentpole” releases and direct-to-consumer releases via streaming services

Revenue generated by theatrically distributed films dropped dramatically due to Pandemic, but is expected to recover by 2023-4

Third-party capital available to fund production and distribution costs, not otherwise covered by bank loans and tax incentives, has decreased significantly since 2018



Address the Supply Void in Genre Film Segment


Expected shortage in supply of moderate budget  genre films [urban, thriller, action, etc.] as major  studios retreat creating an opportunity in this market segment

Company has existing relationship in domestic and  foreign distribution channels

Foreign revenue now accounts for 65-70% of total revenue for US produced films

Research suggests a rebound in demand for theatrically distributed movies reaching $40B in revenue by 2024 [Source: Omdia]



Company will produce 5 to 10 moderate budget genre films [ $5M to $20M] for theatrical distribution  annually

Management plans to release its films in the U.S. on 200 to 1,000 screens at a time with proportional  print and advertising (“P&A”) commitments of $1,000,000 to $10,000,000, respectively

The Company intends to license home video and television rights in United States to third party  distributors without transferring the intellectual property rights

The Company intends to license foreign distribution rights through managements’ existing  relationships. Foreign revenue accounts for 65-70% of total revenue for U.S. based producers

Company plans to finance its films by a combination of (1) bank loans secured by pre-sale of foreign  distribution rights, (2) selling tax incentives provided by governments to encourage film production,  and (3) capital raised under this Offering and project specific raises


Film Finance Strategy



DANIEL DIAMOND , Co-Chief Executive Officer  (33.33%)

Engaged in the foreign licensing and distribution of motion pictures for over 30  years. Served as President of Worldwide Distribution for Franchise Pictures

President of Fireworks Pictures, and President of QED  International

 Licensed foreign distribution rights to more than 200 motion pictures

Executive producer of “Mother’s Day” (Julia  Roberts, Jennifer Aniston), “Winchester” (Helen Mirren) and “The Believer” (Ryan Gosling).

GENO TAYLOR , Co-Chief Executive Officer (33.33%)

Founded and managed GVN Releasing LLC (“GVN”), an independent  distributor in the United States of African American themed and other theatrical motion pictures

GVN has distributed over 30 motion  pictures including “Gosnell,” “London Fields”, “True to The Game,” “Guilt.” “Sister Code” and “Selfie Dad.”

Supervised the release  of films on home video and television and licensed the films for other domestic release.

ELIE SAMAHA , Chairman (33.33%)

Founded and managed Franchise Pictures, a leading independent producer of motion pictures

Supervised the production and distribution of over 50 motion pictures including “The Whole Nine Yards” (Bruce Willis), “The Art of War” (Wesley Snipes), “The Pledge” (Jack Nicholson), “Heist” (Gene Hackman), “The In-Laws” (Michael Douglas), “Driven”(Sylvester Stallone) and “Angel Eyes” (Jennifer Lopez)

Recently produced films include “Conviction” (Hillary Swank), “Rescue Dawn”  (Christian Bale), and “The Six Wives of Henry LeFay” (Tim Allen). Acquired and restored the world-famous formerly known as  Grumman’s Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard.

MELISSA VALDEZ , Head of Production

Independent producer of motion pictures, television programs and music videos

Produced  “Breaking Brooklyn” (Lou Gossett, Jr.), “Exposed” (Keanu Reeves) and has served as a productive executive for “The Six Wives of  Henry LeFay,” “Columbus Day” and “Impulse”.


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