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Helping Great Companies Grow


  • MicroTrans is seeking $10 million to capture the “micro-transactions as a service” market
  • Provides the world’s most scalable, robust, and easy-to-use infrastructure for decentralized micro-transactions
  • Major benefits for trading, gaming, advertising, M2M, content on demand
  • The core platform is complete and can be demonstrated end-to-end
  • New technical breakthroughs provide unparalleled scalability
  • Ability to profitably support transactions below $0.01
  • Experienced management team of blockchain veterans
Helping Great Companies Grow


  • Exponential technologies like IOT will require trillions of daily micro-transactions
  • Ensuring transaction integrity in a decentralized way and at scale is a massively hard problem that MicroTrans has solved
    • ultra-high demand for small micro-payments ($0.001 or lower)
    • massive need for data security / immutability / integrity
    • paradigm shift: payments merging with data
    • traditional payment networks make payments under $1.00 unprofitable.
    • current e-cash solutions are too slow, not sufficiently scalable, too centralized, and too expensive
  • High speed data trends: 6G Networks ~ 2025
    • micro-services on demand (e.g. Pay-As-You-Go WiFi)
    • video on demand (e.g. Pay-Per-View Streaming)
    • content on demand (e.g. Pay-Per-Read News Articles)
    • unbundling of traditional services on massive scale
    • trend towards “The Metering of Everything”
  • Next trend in social gaming: micro-payments under $0.05
    • capturing the long tail of “freemium users”
    • lower cost content and power-ups
    • micro-bets for e-sports
    • micro-wagers for prediction markets
    • opportunity to dominate the “last frontier” in gaming with micro-payments
Helping Great Companies Grow


  • Platform profitably supports micro-transactions under $0.01
  • Expect to support over one trillion daily micro-transactions
  • First platform to support true end-to-end decentralization, including sidechains
  • Transactions are both fast and scalable without compromise
  • Highly secure and resistant to spam attacks, double spend attacks, sybil attacks
  • Five years of research and development
  • 20 months of stealth platform development
  • New approach to scalable blockchain tech
  • Upgradable technical architecture built to span decades
Helping Great Companies Grow


Bryan Cooley


  • 7+ years in blockchain. Co-founder of the zipchain blockchain
  • Over 20 years in management consulting and high growth startups
  • Over 20 years pioneering and inventing cutting edge tech
  • MS Computer Science, University of Virginia

Predrag Tomasevic


  • 7+ years in blockchain. Co-founder of the zipchain blockchain
  • Over 20 years building scalable software systems
  • Over 10 years as high growth startup CTO
  • MS Computer Science, University of Belgrade


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