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Missouri Autosport Park is seeking $25 million in equity and debt to construct an exclusive motorsport country club and residential development near St. Louis, MO

Motorsport country clubs are experiencing exceptional growth

The first to market in a specific geography typically dominates the market

The sport driving boom on closed circuit tracks is fueling the demand for motorsport country clubs

Individuals with this lifestyle desire access on demand to a facility with luxury amenities

The company’s leadership is an international team of experts with extensive industry experience including venue construction, safety design, club operations and business planning




Underserved Market

The thousands of drivers in the St. Louis sport driving community are limited to where they can drive their cars at speed

Current Options Offer Only Sub-Par Facilities

The only local option for track drivers is an outdated course in East St. Louis




A Motorsport Country Club

Create a private members model motorsports country club catering to both amateur and professional drivers

A Center for Motor Club Culture

Build  synergistic amenities around the club’s road course and assembly of wealth


Management Team

Dan Guenther


Spent the last three years planning Missouri Autosport Park using his knowledge from family businesses, background in motor racing, and consultants that operate motorsport facilities. Third generation entrepreneur surrounded by an international team of motorsport experts. Has related experience as an automotive event promoter, sponsored racing driver, race mechanic, driving coach, race marshal, and manager of a racing team.

Jonathan Clark


Provides business planning and analysis for successful motor circuit venue construction and operations. Key contributor as one of the owners that made Oregon Raceway Park a reality. Wrote the business plan, managed fundraising, and provided essential project management skills through construction and operations. Core skills include business modeling, marketing, sales, corporate training, information technologies and operational workflow.

Bob Barnard

Circuit Designer

Since 1984, responsible for the design, construction and operation of the world’s best motor racing circuits and events. Experience gained from the construction of FIA/FIM/CIK standard racetracks, and the management or promotion of F1, MotoGP and sportscar events is shared by few other individuals. Impeccable reputation for building safe, interesting tracks worldwide. Currently designing five other motorsport country clubs in the U.S

Peter Zekert

Chief Instructor

Extensive knowledge of the St. Louis motorsport community and how sport driving has changed in the area over the years. Because of work promoting track driving and leadership skills, was elected the president of the St. Louis chapter of the SCCA in 2012. Managed most amateur motorsport operations in the area until 2018. From 2013 to 2016, was on the SCCA board of directors and is personally responsible for better member retention within the club.  Remains an integral part of St. Louis’ autosport programs.

Brett Hardesty

Real Estate Advisor

Extensive experience in rezoning parcels of land and the land development process; creating outstanding communities which homebuyers truly appreciate. Takes the same pride in development quality as in building of the company’s homes. Builds communities, not just rows of houses. Great effort is taken to preserve trees and wooded areas for esthetic and low impact development purposes. Exemplary working relationships with all of the cities and their staff in which he builds and develops.

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