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$30 million

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Debt, Equity

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MORPHIC MEDIA FINANCE, a film content financing platform,  is seeking +/-$30 million to fund a diverse portfolio of low-budget ($5 million or  less) independent narrative and documentary feature films

  • Low-budget space is emerging and underserved
  • Expect 20+ films funded over 5+ years, with majority control and  upside participation to maximize profit and spread risk
  • Efficient deployment of capital by utilizing government rebates to offset  significant portion of film production costs
  • Innovative approach to curating and financing a wide variety of elevated  commercially viable film content
  • Prime market opportunity stems from resurgence in demand for  independent content from specialty cinema houses and streaming  platforms (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Apple, Disney+, etc.)
  • Team led by industry veterans Katrina Wolfe and Vincenzo  Carrano
    • broad end-to-end experience with proven and successful  track records
    • will produce/executive produce the film content financed  through the platform
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  • Sweet Spot: Independent low-budget films have matched  or outperformed high budget Hollywood films, despite having disproportionately smaller production, marketing and advertising budgets
  • Financial Discipline: Lower production budgets inherently impose  financial controls, enhance creativity, enable faster cost recovery while  providing more flexible distribution options
  • Ineffective Competitors: Most independent film funds mistakenly  target the mid-range market ($15M-$35M) which has consistently  underperformed
  • Demand Explosion: There is unprecedented demand for new content  fueled by the explosion of digital entertainment streaming platforms (aka  the “streaming wars” – Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, HBO Max, Apple, etc.) and  compounded by large studios producing fewer pictures
  • Industry Resilience: The film content industry has performed  consistently, with many of the most profitable films of all-time produced or  released during periods of major recessions and wars
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  • Finance the production of a portfolio of low-budget films
  • Films expected to shoot in geographic areas offering robust  government rebates for production
  • Approximately 20+ low-budget feature films expected to be  funded
  • Initial focus to be on material already controlled by the  management team, with 4+ assets ready for production and  another 8+ in the pipeline
  • Platform will likely provide majority equity financing required  by each film project to secure ownership/control of asset and  participate in upside profit success
  • Average equity investment per-picture estimated to be in the $1-$1.5 million range
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Katrina Wolfe

Katrina Wolfe is an Emmy and Critic’s Choice nominated producer and executive.  Senior Vice President of Production and Casting in the Dimension Films division of  Miramax/TWC – worked on dozens of features including Bad Santa, 1408, The Others,  Scary Movie 1,2 and 3, Sin City, Tarantino’s Death Proof, Terry Gilliam’s Brothers  Grimm, VP at age 28 and SVP at age 31, becoming the highest-ranking female  executive in Dimension history. Helped launch a finance and production company BN  Films, a subsidiary of AG Studios, as President of Production and partner – successfully  managed a portfolio of high-end, low budget films via a $150 million platform.

Personally brought in and produced the critically acclaimed feature Nightingale, staring David Oyelowo. Brad Pitt’s Oscar winning production company, Plan B Films  and his partners became co-executive producers on the picture. Film was acquired  and distributed by HBO Films with a minimum guarantee of close to three times its  total production budget – the first time in over a dozen years that HBO Films had  purchased a completed film rather than developing and producing it in-house. Film  and Oyelowo won or were nominated for several awards including Critic’s Choice,  Emmy, and Golden Globe. Produced true crime drama Captive starring Kate Mara  that was acquired for worldwide theatrical distribution by Paramount Pictures in a  lucrative deal that exceeded the film’s total production budget, with an 800-screen  minimum commitment. Launched her own division of AG Studios in 2015 that focused  on development and production of high-quality films and television content. Recent  and upcoming projects include the Netflix original Spivak, fully financed by Netflix.

Graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Columbia University where  she won the Barnard English department’s highest honor – W. Cabell Green Prize for  Excellence in English.

Vincenzo Carrano

Vincenzo Carrano is a creative professional with extensive  experience in the financial and artistic sides of media and entertainment.

Worked with Fortune 100 companies, creative agencies, and startups  to conceptualize, oversee, and deliver a diverse array of projects that  include: marketing campaigns, brand rehauls, commercials, original short films, and long form narrative features. Served as global marketing  manager at Vodafone, managing $200 million portfolio of products and services. Developed and produced award-winning unconventional  marketing campaigns that included a blend of branded storytelling with  Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung, and others. Partner and Head of Strategy and  Production at PlusMinus, a creative studio that blended branding with  photography as well as short and long-form original content. PlusMinus  managed a roster of highly accomplished artists and film makers and  provided creative services for clients that included Nike, Reebok, Matsuda,  and Carnival Cruise Line. Masters in Business and Management from L.  Bocconi University in Italy.

Helping Great Companies Grow
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