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MyEdMaster, a profitable tutoring company, is seeking $6 million to create a low-cost, online, fully-automated tutoring service

Tutoring will be delivered by proven, proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology to reach the 95% of the more than 50 million students in the US alone who need tutoring but go unserved due to the high cost and lack of available tutors

The technology has been scientifically validated and shown to greatly outperform competitors’ products, and even experienced human teachers

Low expected operating costs

Targeting both school and home markets

Highly experienced management team with a track record of successful business growth



MyEdMaster will change the future of learning in three key markets: K-12 education, higher education, and internet/internet of things

1)   K-12

95% of students who need tutoring go unserved

90% of US students perform below grade level in at least one subject; schools have not improved student performance in the past 40 years (source: US Department of Education’s National Assessment of Educational Progress)

Tutoring is a proven solution to raise student achievement, but is not scalable due to shortage of qualified tutors to serve the 50+ million who need them and the high cost of delivering service (tutoring companies typically charge $50-$70 per hour for two-hour sessions)

2)   Higher Education

College educations are far too expensive

Cost is #1 reason why students drop out of college

Automation and off-shoring are eliminating blue collar jobs; college education is key to future employment

3)   Internet and Internet of Things

Currently, there is information overload; it is hard to distinguish quality from faulty information

Emphasis is on retrieval, not learning (“information is useless until someone learns it”).  This can be demonstrated by asking Siri “teach me two-step equations.”

Knowledge built into devices tends to be fixed, while devices that use machine learning focus on statistical analysis like recognizing a pattern or what product a person will buy. This limits usefulness of personal assistants and even the future of robots and self-driving cars



Create the only fully-automated, low-cost, online tutoring service that uses scientifically-validated artificial intelligence-delivered tutoring to students based on their individual needs

Deliverable on any device/platform for roughly 2% of the cost of human tutors

Available to both schools and families, linking school and home education

Offer the same features as existing commercial tutoring services: personalized instruction, progress reporting to parents and teachers, user supplied content allowed so students can use for their homework or test study guides (competitors don’t have this feature), voice interactivity (like smart phones) so students can interact verbally

Proven AI technology: students using this software scored substantially higher than those using other platforms

Lowest post-test score of any student using this software was 70%, with average student score of roughly 90% range – all results peer-reviewed and published in scientific journals



Dr. John Leddo

Chairman and CEO

Yale Ph.D., Educational psychologist

Over 35 years of professional experience; Over 16 years of tutoring experience

Former Director of Marketing and Director of Education for C2 Education, an international chain that grew from 14 tutoring centers to over 100 centers while there

Ran 170-person acquired company for venture-owned $100 million corporation, resulting in 113% growth within one year

Founder of educational research company, Research Development Corporation, that received millions of dollars of grants and contracts from Federal Government to develop core teaching and technology framework used in MyEdMaster’s software


Yihong Sun, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

Over 20 years of professional experience

Served as VP of Finance for $200 million company, overseeing all financial functions

Director of Financial Reporting for SI International, a $700 million publicly traded company – provided all reports to SEC including those to take SI International public

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