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Next Dynamics is seeking up to $5 million to complete testing and validation of its Nemesis Advanced Small Arms Projectile (A.S.A.P.®) projectile

Next Dynamics’ patented, tested and proven technology offers significantly superior downrange velocity and penetration vs. current industry standards, along with match grade accuracy

Next Dynamics’ technology covers the full spectrum of ground force applications across small and medium NATO calibers and weapons platforms

Strategic challenges posed by rising competitors to US/NATO unipolarity is expected to drive a wave of post-global war on terrorism military budgets and technologies

The global defense market was $483 billion in 2022, with global ammunition exceeding $12 billion; predicted to reach $604 billion and $15 billion, respectively by 2026

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Existing projectile technology is outdated, with few real advancements in projectile technology over the last 65 years

Most advancements have focused on load size, caliber, and tracers; new materials may offer weight or heat transfer improvements; however, they do not provide tangible ballistics improvements

Investment in the ammo space has been primarily focused on ancillary developments, such as authorized biometric/ RFID sensors, smart locking, new polymer manufactures, and 3D printing, while the core tech, which the Nemesis ASAP has targeted, is still untapped


Next Dynamics projectiles offer significant improvements in downrange velocity and thus extended maximum effective range; improved armor penetration capabilities which will provide an unfair advantage on the battlefield; and match grade accuracy

Offer engineering services to upgrade existing weapons platforms, including specifically the M101 Howitzer, by implementing the company’s secondary recoil technology and other enhancements, ultimately resulting in enhanced range, increased ammunition choices, and significant reduction in cost to upgrade vs. unit replacement

Other projects include armed drones, precision guided mortar munitions, and barges with superior firepower capabilities

Best-in-Class Partnerships

Actively seeking to partner with best-in-class defense companies for the manufacturing, testing, licensing and distribution of its ammunition technology

Target partners include major US defense contractors, the US military, and international militaries and defense contractors

At various steps in the overall process with numerous groups internationally, ranging from document authentication/validation to sample round shipping to testing/validation