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NTherma Corporation develops and produces carbon nanomaterials for high performance energy storage solutions in Li-ion batteries (LIBs) and supercapacitors. Seeking $52.52 million equity (excluding sponsor equity of $2.43 million) to construct a carbon nanomaterials / graphene production facility in Sparks/Reno, Nevada, and to expand development of energy storage devices and and marketing. Co-investments welcomed.

  • Proprietary carbon nanomaterial technology provides highly desirable material properties and methods for energy storage in LIBs and supercapacitors
    • proven energy storage solutions with cells data and commercial partnerships
    • easy “drop-in” to existing production configurations – accelerates adaption by manufacturers
    • low-cost producer – leads to less expensive electric vehicles (EVs) and stationary storage – encourages market adaption
  • Market-ready – accelerated revenues within six months of funding
    • already commercializing the technology
    • new plant should accelerate sales of its product to $3-$5 million within the next twelve months – quadrupling of sales expected the following 12-month period
    • off-take LOI executed for first  three years of planned production
  • Commercial-scale – low-cost average production (projected scale-up to 20 tons per annum by year three)
    • proven technology – demonstrated pilot plant (early 2019)
    • modular and scalable
  • Huge global market with a wide range of applications
  • Management team has deep expertise
    • research, development and commercialization of carbon nanomaterials-based technology
    • 20+ years in top-tier institutions – NASA Research Ames, IBM, Lam Research & Applied Materials, Stanford University
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NTherma – Wide Range of Applications

  • NTherma has invented and patented a revolutionary and scalable production technology to manufacture a new form of graphene called “Graphene Molecular WiresTM (GMW)
  • Significant improvements in the nanomaterial needed to create game-changing products for energy storage
    • higher quality and purity
    • lower cost
    • precise structural specifications
    • demonstrated scale-up production
  • Other applications for an addressable market of over $250 billion
    • nano-coating
    • thermal management
    • lubricant markets
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  • $146 billion global market for rechargeable batteries (88% of market) and supercapacitors (12%) – CAGR of over 18%
    • new markets with a wide range of applications – from healthcare to computer/space/ocean technology to industrial/auto manufacturing
  • Research by companies and universities demonstrated new material sets for batteries
    • higher performance of Li-ion batteries (LIBs) and superconductors with the addition of single-walled CNTs and graphene
      • higher electrical and thermal conductivities
      • higher mechanical strength
      • increased energy density by 250% with 5x faster charging rate at little if any additional cost
      • leads to less expensive EVs which encourages market adaption
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Existing Problem – Poor Performance Characteristics

  • Existing production methods for carbon nanomaterials (or CNTs and graphene) capable of improving energy storage materials are not  commercially viable
    • high cost and inconsistent quality prevented commercial adaption
    • few layers (less than 5) graphene – greater than $50,000 per kilogram
    • high impurity reflecting feedstock graphite composition
    • low control of structures for graphene
  • Tesla (since 2014) and Samsung (since 2018) have been trying to develop their LIBs
  • Owners of EVs with known but unsolved thermal runaway safety concerns have been informed not to park or charge EVs in a garage to avoid potential fires from burning their homes – potentially costing manufactures market opportunities in excess of billion dollars
  • Industry experts searching to further reduce costs, improve safety, increase charge-rate, and extend battery life believe solving these challenges simultaneously may not be possible with current technology
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NTherma proprietary carbon nanomaterial technology is revolutionary – provides highly desirable customizable material properties and energy storage solutions for manufacturers

  • Proprietary branded GMW – breakthrough solution for LiBs and supercapacitors used in wide variety of industries – in particular, EVs and energy storage
    • high quality consistency
    • high purity (+99.5%)
    • customizable length GNRs
    • improves electrical conductivity in electrode layers
    • higher energy density and faster charging rates
  • Demonstrated kilogram-scale pilot plant (early 2019)
  • Proprietary technology – 4 patents granted
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NTherma – Commercial-Scale Facility for Multiple Products

  • Market-ready commercial-scale graphene production facility – Sparks/Reno, Nevada
  • Existing modular production equipment features
    • simple assembly
    • low capital expenditures – short timeline for the manufacture of new production equipment
    • scalable and modular for increased volume production
      • scale-up to over 20 tons carbon nanomaterials per annum by month 36
      • flexibility to expand to meet future market demand
    • product pricing near $5,000 per kilogram
  • Executed LOIs
    • facility site – lease-to-purchase
    • engineering, procurement & construction (EPC)/management – CalPacific Systems
    • architects – H+K Architects
    • consultants – CFBR Structural Group, Ainsworth Associates Mechanical Engineers, PL Electrical
    • off-taker – first three yeas of planned production
  • In-process LOIs
    • renovation permits
    • additional off-take LOIs
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NTherma – Competitive Landscape

  • None of the current producers of graphene have successfully brought their graphene materials to commercial-scale production for supercapacitors and LiBs – NOT MARKET READY
    • wrong form factor for graphene materials
    • inconsistent quality for reproducible production of energy storage devices
  • NTherma is MARKET READY to produce GMWs at commercial-scale with proven cell data and industrial partnerships
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Cattien V. Nguyen, PhD

Founder, President and Chief Technology Officer

Over twenty years in research, development and commercialization of carbon nanomaterials, both carbon nanotubes and graphene. Expertise in the identifying and marketing breakthrough technologies that significantly reduce the cost of clean energy products to accelerate widespread adoption in the global marketplace. Contracted research Scientist at NASA Ames Research Center for about 10 years – focused on the development of new growth methods and use applications for carbon nanotubes. After NASA, started commercial ventures that produced highly controlled structures of CNTs and graphene used by supercapacitors in CNT-based storage systems. Founder, CEO and CTO of Ulora, Inc – oversaw the design and build of manufacturing equipment which produced CNT-based structures (funded by Khosla Venture and Harris & Harris). Appointed Research Professor in the Departments of Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering at Santa Clara University. Authored more than 80 peer-reviewed scientific publications, 5 book chapters, and over 10 patent applications (granted and pending). Post-doctoral research at IBM Almaden Research Center and Stanford University.  PhD in Bioinorganic Chemistry from the University of California, Santa Cruz. BS in Chemistry from Santa Clara University.

Jon Heinemann

Chief Financial Officer

Over 15 years in executive management and finance. CEO of ELORET Corporation – managed new technology rights and contract activities (previously included three major NASA contracts and employed almost 100 scientists and engineers). Known and worked with Dr. Nguyen for over 20 years. Previously, Design Engineer for The North Face – developed outdoor equipment and for Alten Water Treatment – developed ozone water treatment systems (one patent granted).  MBA from Santa Clara University. BS in Mechanical Engineering from California Polytechnic State University.

Thuy Ngo

Co-Founder & Vice President of Investor Relations / Business Development

Over ten years in investment and operations. Expertise in managing cross-functional, cross-cultural team, building strategic partnerships and global distribution networks. Known and worked with Dr. Nguyen for over 10 years. Past Director of International Sales at SBrown & Associates and Investment Management Sales Associate at Bank of NY Mellon. BA in Communication Studies from University of San Francisco.

Anthony Vu

Co-Founder & Facilities Operational Manager

Over fifteen years in operation and facility management for small businesses and start-ups. Expertise in managing all phases of administration and finance. Known and worked with Dr. Nguyen for over 40 years. Developed and implemented standard office administrative procedures to facilitate smooth business operations and compliance with policies. Prior Operations Manager of Series A funding round at Ultora Inc and 4WindScience and Engineering for the development and commercialization of CNT-based energy storage supercapacitor. BS in Finance from California State University at East Bay.


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