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Omega Power Batteries Corp. is seeking $25 million to execute and grow its US-based battery manufacturing platform.

Plan to build out a 250 MWh production capacity (with future planned expansion) Li-ion battery cell manufacturing facility using a non-flammable electrolyte to supply the underserved market segments outside of EVs looking to transition to a “Made in America” battery supplier

Signed LOI with Soteria Battery Innovation Group starting at 50 MWh per year up to 500 MWh of potential customer demand within 3 years. Soteria Consortium of companies represent products in the consumer electronics segment that want to prioritize safety and Made in the USA

Master Supply Agreement signed to make OMEGA POWER a domestic battery cell supplier for their e-motor bikes representing the light electric vehicle (LEV) market segment


The global lithium-ion battery market size was valued at $70 billion in 2022 and is expected to surpass $387 billion by 2032 (CAGR of 18.70%)

The North America lithium-ion battery market size is estimated at $6.53 billion in 2024, and is expected to reach $51 billion by 2029 (CAGR of 25.35%)

Domestic Supply Problem

By 2030, global demand for the batteries is expected to increase more than five times, and US demand nearly six times. However, the US battery supply chain is hampered by a heavy reliance on foreign imports and a lack of domestic support¹

The US captures less than 30% of the economic value of each battery cell on the US market, equating to approximately $3 billion value-added and 16,000 jobs. The remaining 70% comes from imported materials. China, by comparison, captures 90%¹

The discrepancy is also a vulnerability – one that threatens both national and economic security. A military significantly reliant on foreign sources of advanced batteries is endangered¹


Battery Fire Safety Problem

  • Thermal runaway and extreme flammability of electrolytes
  • Increased number of incidents
  • NYC surging issue (urban living)
  • Resource-intensive firefighting and toxic fumes
  • Increased recall numbers
  • Rising insurance costs and coverage concerns
  • Federal Gov’t starting to impose regulations


Omega Power will build out their 250 MWh battery capacity (with future planned expansion) Li-ion battery cell manufacturing facility using a non-flammable electrolyte to provide battery cells to the underserved and neglected consumer electronic, drone, and e-mobility markets. These markets are desperately seeking a US based supplier to mitigate supply chain risk of strategic battery materials, which primarily come from China, and qualify for DOE and other government grant funding for their US based products

A sales distribution channel has been secured with Soteria Battery Innovation Group ( having a consortium of members including companies like Lenovo and Motorola in their end user customer base. Soteria has OEM customers interested in Omega Power to supply battery cells under a signed Letter of Intent (LOI) starting at 50 MWh in demand with the potential to realize up to 500 MWh

A Master Service Agreement (MSA) has been secured with Ryvid Inc., an e-motorcycle company based in Los Angeles, CA (, seeking a US-based battery supplier for future production volumes. Their plans are to purchase Omega Power batteries starting from 4,000 cells in 2026 ramping up to 2M cells by 2031 representing 240 MWh and $80M in revenue potential

Projected Revenue



Samuel R. Hashim | Co-Founder & CEO

Seasoned entrepreneur and C-level executive with over 30 years’ experience in creating and growing non-profit and private business enterprises. As the CEO of Omega Power Batteries Corp. since its founding in 2016, has been instrumental in raising capital to finance battery R&D and has led a team of research scientists, engineers, and investors to achieve milestones in next generation Li-Metal battery technology while creating a clear path to commercialization and revenue with a US based Li-ion battery manufacturing team.


Daniel P. Hashim, Ph.D. | Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer

A Forbes 30 under 30 honoree as the inventor of a 3-dimensional NanoSponge™ material (3 patents granted) exclusively licensed to Omega Power Batteries Corp. for world-wide battery and capacitor field of use and NanoSponge™ battery electrodes that safely cycles Li-Metal in a non-flammable electrolyte for a 50% increase in energy density for extended range and run times in all battery applications. Oversees a sponsored research team of Rice University engineers to integrate a patented deep eutectic solvent that leaches out end-of-life battery waste materials into lithium, cobalt, nickel, manganese, and other strategic battery materials to source back into Omega Power’s battery manufacturing process to reduce costs and create revenues by direct sales to US Giga-factories. Published research, innovative technology, charactered leadership, and knowledge of material science and Nano engineering along with experience in the battery industry spans over 12 years of recognized excellence.

Executive Team, Advisors and Contractors

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