Optimizing Patient Booking / Care / Efficiency

OUTSTANDING OPPORTUNITY. OnTime Care VIBETM – The Virtual Intelligent Booking Engine – improves patient access with 24/7/365 smartphone bookings from websites, search engines, online business and map listings

SOLVES #1 PATIENT COMPLAINT – ENDLESS WAITING. Improves, develops, and deploys technologies to improve the patient experience and retention

PREMIER PARTNERS. Global distribution agreements with industry leaders such as Henry Schein and Marcum Technology support future growth and company scale

COMPELLING VALUE PROPOSITION. More billable hours and less lost time for doctors; less stress on OnTime Care SmartStandBy® automatically fills cancellations and anticipates/pre-fills no-shows

TECHNOLOGICAL BREAKTHROUGH. Revolutionizes scheduling, communication, and needed Real-Time Location Services (“RTLS”) that improves efficiency, recovers wasted time, and increases profitability for doctors

ACCOMPLISHED MANAGEMENT TEAM. Deep executive leadership and history of strategic advisory to doctors and medical facilities across the U.S.


Total raised



$36 Million



Price per share


Min. investment

Class B Common

Shares Offered


Offering type

$5 Million

Offering max

Reg CF



PI Cloud Tech, Inc. (dba Patient Innovations) is seeking to deploy healthcare technologies that improve patient care, communications, and medical facility operations.

OnTime Care (OTC) is an intuitive/easy to use, subscription-based software as a service (SaaS) that improves the efficiency and profitability of healthcare – it addresses the four pillars of healthcare delivery

  • Quality / patient safety
  • Patient engagement / experience
  • Employee engagement / experience
  • Growth / access

Features technological breakthroughs in scheduling, communication and much needed Real-Time Location Services (RTLS) that lowers costs to affordable levels for most healthcare institutions

  • Value proposition – more billable hours, less lost time
  • Large market opportunity – global distribution agreements with industry leaders such as Henry Schein and Marcum Technology support growth
  • No competing healthcare platform offers OTC’s comprehensive feature set

Management has deep executive leadership and history of strategic advisory to doctors and medical facilities across U.S.

Endless waiting is the symptom.

Inefficiency is the disease.

OnTime Care is the cure.

Vision and Mission Statements

VISION. To slow the rising cost of healthcare and improve care delivery to patients everywhere

MISSION. To build the most admired healthcare company of the 21st century by eliminating endless waiting in doctors’ offices and throughout healthcare using breakthrough hardware, software and AI

What’s In It For EveryBody?

PROBLEM – Strained and Inefficient Medical System

Endless patient waiting is the symptom… glaring operational inefficiencies are the cause

  • Challenges – throughput; efficiency; revenues; workflow; wait times; and room utilization
  • Problems are more acute in countries with socialized medicine – common complaints include months-long delays and lack of funds to address challenges 

Hospital room turnover is a major factor affecting healthcare profitability

  • Current U.S. reimbursement rates pay hospitals with a fixed amount per hospital stay
  • Delays may cause the patient to stay longer – hospital does not get paid for that time
  • Endless delays in delivering care – from waiting for transport to waiting for scans, doctor rounds, tests, medication and food
  • Once discharged, patients often wait hours for the discharge nurse to send them on their way
  • Once out of the hospital room, it can easily take six to 16 hours for the next patient to be admitted to that room

As a result, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) raised the weighted portion of patient experience in its Star Ratings from 20% to 40% for 2021

Global Healthcare Opportunity

U.S. healthcare market is huge and expanding – representing nearly 18% of the U.S. economy

Demands on medical staff in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and medical practices strain the system

OTC removes time-consuming tasks to let medical personnel concentrate on better patient care

Solution / Strategy


OTC cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Higher CMS Star Ratings

Proprietary technology optimizes patient care… reduces healthcare inefficiencies in medical offices and hospitals

Less waiting – happier patients and more of them

  • OTC Virtual Intelligent Booking Engine – intelligent smartphone scheduling
  • OTC SmartSchedule – adds revenue
  • OTC SmartComm – subtracts costs
  • Plus 18 additional OTC benefit apps
  • Future benefit apps planned
  • Benefit packages – Silver, Gold and Platinum Vista
  • Patients hate waiting – #1 patient complaint
  • Reduces waiting, lowers patient anxiety
  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Higher throughput and revenues
  • Slows the rising cost of healthcare

One of the most robust communications platforms in healthcare


Patient Innovations expects to achieve scale using a bi-focal strategy

  • Build a dedicated internal sales force
  • Enter into distribution agreements with large, established sales teams employed by industry-leading partners
    • Henry Schein
    • Marcum Technology
    • major distributors of medical supplies and software
    • medical device manufacturers
    • Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems



Competitive Advantages

  • Removes inefficiencies that lead to delays and mistakes
  • Eliminates the #1 patient complaint – endless waiting
  • Cuts lost time to deliver treatment
  • OTC performs many of the distracting functions so that employees can focus on patients in practices and hospitals
  • OTC helps employees support doctors to provide the best patient care
  • Enables greater safety, better outcomes and shorter lengths of stay in hospitals
  • Improves follow up care
  • Easy self-service 24/7 improves access and throughput
  • Provides ongoing and interactive patient communications
  • Provides patients timely appointments and treatments
  • Increases Net Promoter scores, CMS Star Ratings and Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) Scores
  • Improves reimbursement rates

OTC – Competitive Comparison

OTC – Virtual Intelligent Booking Engine (VIBE)

  • Virtual bridge to SmartSchedule, OTC’s intelligent scheduling engine
  • Variable length appointments based on reason for patient visit
  • Smartphone, tablet or computer bookings – anywhere online, any time:
    • any website page
    • paid search listings
    • online business listings
    • online maps
    • social media pages
    • third-party aggregators (Yelp or others)
    • AI Chat
  • SmartStandby® – automatically fills cancellations, anticipates and pre-fills no shows
  • SmartBalanceTM – automatic load balancing between busy providers and locations

One of the most robust communications platforms in healthcare

OTC – SmartSchedule

  • Increases healthcare revenues
  • Doctors see an estimated 22% more patients and spend more time with each one
  • Calculates accurate variable time lengths for each appointment as well as PatientPriority® (OTC’s triage level)
  • PatientPriority lets doctors needing to bump patient appointments move the most serious patients into priority slots and reschedule lowest priority visits

One of the most robust communications platforms in healthcare

OTC – SmartComm

  • Improved patient communication – reduces costs
  • Provides medical practice with unlimited patient texts, emails, automated phone calls, broadcast texts, group messages and hi-resolution Telemedicine
    • fewer office and call center staff needed as patients self-serve
    • timely updates of appointment schedule to patients
    • estimated 30% lower rates for text messages
    • eliminates redundant reminder systems
    • secure group messaging to care teams included in OnTime Care Gold
      and Platinum Vista
    • SmartComm texts and calls are dynamic, intelligent and responsive
      • doctors and medical practice can text patients – recorded in OTC database
      • patients can reply – responses recorded in patient record in the OTC database
    • VirtualVisit – telemedicine
      • patients schedule appointments using VIBE and SmartSchedule

One of the most robust communications platforms in healthcare

OTC – Basic Benefits


  • Auto-calculated triage level
  • If medical practice needs to bump appointments, then serious cases will be given priority

Predictive Decisioning

  • OnTime Care Platinum Vista watches practices’ workflow and recommends where to go next and most efficient workflow


  • Automatic load balancing between busy doctors and locations
  • Rules based – uniquely considers symptoms and
    visit reasons

One of the most robust communications platforms in healthcare

OTC – Additional Benefits


  • Automated social distancing
  • OTC lets people check in from smartphones and advises when to come in

Treatment Timers

  • Reduces lost time when a treatment ends
  • Medical team simply starts a treatment timer
  • When patient treatment ends, the patient is added to the UpNext screen, and the medical team is alerted to return to the patient


  • Solves one of doctors’ biggest complaints – which exam room
    do I go to next?
  • Mobile screen updates in real-time to inform medical team which location to go next
  • Saves time and optimizes efficiency

AI Chat Engine

  • Reduces incoming phone calls
  • Patients can ask questions and get instant answers – without human intervention
    • wait times, cancel or book appointments
    • uses real-time info from OTC database

Acuity Manager

  • Schedule vacation and time off more efficiently
  • Predicts skill levels and staffing requirements based on upcoming appointment acuity

OnTime Intake

  • Replaces dreaded clipboard forms with intuitive electronic intake for patient and medication history and insurance info

OnTime Workup

  • Patients complete a simple online questionnaire about how they’re feeling and OTC makes recommendations for the doctor to review

RapidResults Communicator

  • Recover up to two hours per day or more using OTC Communicator text templates instead of calling patients with test results
  • Screen lets doctors or assistants use a simple check box per patient row to message patients
    • recent tests were fine – no follow up needed
    • test results in – please click here to book an appointment
  • Messages test results to patients in minutes

Secure Group Messaging (SGM)

  • Busy doctors with privileges in more than one medical facility can use SGM to create care groups associated with the patient
  • Send secure messages to the groups
  • OTC sends reminders on orders
  • Helps to ensure no orders are missed

One of the most robust communications platforms in healthcare

OnTime Care Platinum Vista – Benefits

Latest Technology BlueTooth Location System

  • Measures time and encounters between patients, staff and portable medical equipment
  • Feeds insights to SmartSchedule for more accurate scheduling
  • Helps to reduce the length of patient stays in hospitals by eliminating multiple inefficiencies that cause lost, leaky time in service delivery
  • Cost effective to over 85% of U.S. hospitals which cannot afford legacy
    RTLS tracking systems options

    • OnTime Care Vista – more than 70% lower cost than legacy Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tracking systems
    • throughput – more than 20% higher volume than legacy RFID systems

Optional OTC Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

  • Auto alerts with escalation
  • Compatible with any remote RPM devices

One of the most robust communications platforms in healthcare

OnTime Care Platinum Vista – Options


  • Helps to reduce patient falls and injury
  • Alerts nurses when bed-ridden patients attempt to get up on their own
  • Monitors ambulatory patients for potential falls; automatically alerts nursing staff


  • Automated handwashing compliance and reporting – avoiding penalties – ideal for infection control
  • Reduces hospital acquired infections by making hand hygiene compliance and reporting automated, easy and affordable

Nurse Safety

  • BLE Beacon wearables on staff badges instantly alert security if staff is under attack from unruly or psych patients
  • Staff simply press a button on their wearables to transmit
    • exact location of the attack in the building
    • identifies second wearable of person perpetrating the attack

One of the most robust communications platforms in healthcare


Ken Greenberg – Co-Founder, Executive Chairman and President

More than 30 years of executive advertising and marketing experience with a concentration in healthcare and banking.  In 2009, co-founded Patient Innovations and created OnTime Care to reduce waiting times in doctors’ offices and optimize medical and healthcare facilities. Previously, co-founded Austin Williams in 1992, the leading advertising and marketing consultancy headquartered on Long Island, and the island’s most awarded advertising agency in three key verticals: banking, healthcare, and higher education. Austin Williams currently does all digital marketing for healthcare industry leader Northwell and several others. Early career included more than 22 years in retail banking. Member of the New York Board of Regents for the Center for Security Policy; active in several charities and trade organizations including Young Jewish Professionals (YJP); Long Island Association; Long Island Advancement of Small Business (LIASB); American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE); Health Leaders of NY (HLNY); The Beryl Institute. Recipient of the 2022-2023 Internet 2.0 Outstanding Leadership Award and 2021-2022 Internet 2.0 Top 50 Tech Visionaries Award. Inducted into the Direct Marketing Association Hall of Fame (2014). BA in Economics from Brooklyn College.

Rodney D. Reider, FACHE – Chief Executive Officer, Vice President and Director

More than 30 years of strategic leadership and oversight of hospitals throughout the U.S. President and CEO of RDR Solutions. Currently, Interim President at SSM Health St.Mary’s Hospital – St. Louis, Missouri. Previously, Interim President at York Hospital (York, PA). Past President and Chief Executive Officer at Saint Alphonsus Health System (five hospital system). Began career as Director of Program Development and Operations at Irvine Medical Center, then moved into hospital administration as Chief Operations Officer at Saddleback Memorial Center (Laguna Hills, CA). Consultant for CoSourcing Partners. Healthcare Advisor and International Healthcare Services Ambassador for the YJP of New York. Frequent speaker and moderator at conferences from New York City to Tel Aviv. MBA in Finance from Loma Linda University. PhD and MA from Harrison Middleton University. MS in Physiology from California State Polytechnic University. BA from Chapman University.

Author of new book Grabbing the Next Rung: The Heart of Leadership available at Amazon.

Jeffrey L. Bass, MA, MPA – Chief Operating Officer, Vice President and Director

More than 40 years of executive management, strategic and accounting advisory to corporate leadership and boards of directors. Since 2007, Managing Member of Executive Strategies Group LLC. Previously, Principal in Charge of Strategic Business Planning and Advisory Services at Margolin, Winer & Evens LLP. Board member of the Institute for Work Force Advancement (Long Island). Former member of the Long Island Cabinet of the State of Israel Bonds. Former Associate Trustee of the North Shore-LIJ Health System (Northwell) and early Board member of the Feinstein Medical Research Institute. Elected delegate to the 1995 White House Conference on Small Business; chaired Committees on Capital Formation for the New York State and Northeast Regional delegations. Past member of Israel Bonds Board of Governors. Speaker and moderator at business conferences and frequently quoted in local and national business media. Active supporter of various philanthropic and community-based organizations. Master’s in Public Administration from New York University. Master’s in Urban Studies and Planning from the City University of New York.

Jon Zvi Batash, MD – Chief Medical Officer, Vice President and Director 

More than 16 years as an internal medicine physician focused on providing care to patients in skilled nursing and hospital settings. Expertise in developing and deploying healthcare IT products to improve patient safety and communications. Since 2012, independent hospitalist at St. Francis, The Heart Center. Medical Director at two premier Long Island skilled nursing and rehab facilities: Queens Nassau Rehabilitation and Nursing Center and Suffolk Center. Residency, Internal Medicine at North Shore – Long Island Jewish Health System. MD from Ross University School of Medicine. BS in Biochemistry from Stony Brook University.

Robin Bennett – Chief Technology Officer

More than 30 years of commercial software experience. Architect of several market-leading applications and software systems used worldwide. Since 2006, Director of Software Development for Start Software (U.K. and Australia). Prior IT manager at Midlands Electricity plc, one of the UK’s leading energy businesses. Previously worked as a consultant and independent IT Manager for Midlands Gas. Visiting lecturer in software development and internet security Dudley College. Fellow of the Institute of Analysts and Programmers. Member of the Institute of Directors. BA and MA in Mathematics & Computation from St Hugh’s College, Oxford University.

Jeffrey D. Alter – Chair of Board of Directors

More than 27 years of executive and strategic leadership in healthcare. Since October 2021, CEO of Summit Health/CityMD. Since 2018, President of Arcturus One Consulting, providing advisory services to private equity and boards of directors. Serves on numerous boards including the Long Island Association, the Board of Governors of St. John’s University, Summit Health/CityMD, Professional Physical Therapy, NuMotion and Progenity. From 2020 to 2021, Executive Vice President, IngenioRx at Anthem, Inc. From 2011 to 2018, CEO of UnitedHealthcare’s Commercial Group. From 2008 to 2011, served as Northeast Regional CEO for UnitedHealthcare; previously served as COO of the Northeast Region. Prior to joining UnitedHealthcare, Vice President of Strategic Financial Planning for Oxford Health Plans; led Oxford’s financial planning, merger and acquisition strategy and strategic initiatives. Previous roles include seven years as Vice President of Finance and Operations at Vytra Health Plans and in various finance and operations roles for 10 years for Grumman Aerospace and Harris Corporations. MBA in Finance and BS in Marketing from St. John’s University.


Overview; What’s In It For EveryBody; Competitive Advantages; and Solution/Strategy

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Problem – Strained and Inefficient Medical System; Competitive Advantages; Global Healthcare Opportunity

(14) Estimates based on management experience
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Global Healthcare Opportunity

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(34) Estimates based on management experience (a) estimated discharges based on admissions data, allowing for a small percentage of deaths; and (b) estimated multiple physician offices based on solo practitioners reported

OTC – Competitive Comparison

(35) Developed by management using publicly available information from company websites




PI Cloud Tech, Inc. (dba Patient Innovations)


5507 Nesconset Hwy, Ste 10-256, Mount Sinai, NY 11766-2031











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Any information provided regarding the use of proceeds is an estimated forecast only. The Company might incur uses of proceeds that differ materially from any use of proceeds information provided to prospective investors, including salary or other compensation to current owners, founders, senior management, or their friends or relatives.

The investor should read the Form C, Offering Memorandum, and the Risks section before investing in this transaction.


These securities are offered under an exemption from registration; however, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has not made an independent determination that these securities are exempt from registration. A crowdfunding investment involves risk. You should not invest any funds in this offering unless you can afford to lose your entire investment. In making an investment decision, investors must rely on their own examination of the issuer and the terms of the offering, including the merits and risks involved. These securities have not been recommended or approved by any federal or state securities commission or regulatory authority. Furthermore, these authorities have not passed upon the accuracy or adequacy of this document. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission does not pass upon the merits of any securities offered or the terms of the offering, nor does it pass upon the accuracy or completeness of any offering document or literature.




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9 months ago

Castle Weekly Update – v2 221107 – Patient Innovations – Optimizing Patient Care / Efficiency

Patient Innovations has launched its Reg CF offering!

Solves #1 patient complaint – endless waiting! More efficient scheduling means less patient waiting – Identifies, develops, and deploys technologies to improve the patient experience and healthcare efficiencies
24/7/365 smartphone booking from medical facility website, search results and online business listings
More billable hours and less lost time for doctors
Global distribution agreements with industry leaders such as Henry Schein and Marcum Technology support future growth
Deep executive leadership and history of strategic advisory to doctors and medical facilities across the U.S.

9 months ago

Castle Weekly Update – v2 221126 – Invest in Patient Innovations – Optimizing Patient Booking / Care / Efficiency

Invest in What Doctors Need… What Patients Want…

Medicare and Medicaid plans to cut the reimbursement rate for physicians by over 4% in 2023.
· Imperative for physicians to operate efficiently – booking, scheduling patients efficiently, and avoiding scheduling gaps
· Most medical practices overbook – because some patients just don’t show up for their appointments!
o patients don’t like waiting and want flexibility to schedule from their smartphones

Patient Innovations has developed smart technology called “OnTime Care” to help physicians solve their booking and scheduling challenges!
Join Patient Innovations to improve healthcare!

9 months ago

Castle Weekly Update – v1 221205 – Invest in Patient Innovations – Optimizing Patient Booking / Care / Efficiency

Invest in What Patients Want…

Many medical practices tend to overbook knowing that some people cancel and some just don’t show up for their appointments. Patients want the flexibility to schedule and reschedule from their smartphones.

Patient Innovations has developed smart technology called “OnTime Care” to help patients with their medical scheduling challenges!
• OnTime Care VIBE™ – The Virtual Intelligent Booking Engine – improves patient access with 24/7/365 smartphone booking from websites, search engines, online business, and map listings
• ENDLESS WAITING: Improves, develops, and deploys technologies to improve the patient experience and retention

Join Patient Innovations to improve healthcare!

Ken Greenberg
9 months ago

OnTime Care allows doctors to get more done, so they can do what they do best: treat patients. 

This digital solution uses the industry’s most sophisticated multivariate software for accurate, patient focused scheduling… then automatically fills cancelations and anticipated no-shows to eliminate the need to overbook just to keep the schedule full.

Designed to supplement a practice’s EHR, the OnTime Care physician portal maximizes workflow efficiency.

It directs practitioners who to see and where to go next with real-time updates right to their devices—and automated treatment timers that can recover an average of 15 minutes per treatment. 

Its robust interactive communications platform also streamlines follow-ups, enabling practitioners to send templated texts, emails and more, quickly, and easily.

Greater practice efficiency.
A better patient experience.

OnTime Care from Patient Innovations: It’s about time.

Ken Greenberg
8 months ago

Greater medical practice efficiency. A better patient experience.

Patient Innovations technology helps patients and doctors with their medical scheduling challenges!
CLICK to see it in action – https://bit.ly/OTC-Drs

  • Doctors get more done, so they can do what they do best – treat patients
  • The industry’s most sophisticated multivariate software for accurate, patient focused scheduling
  • Automatically fills cancellations and no-shows to eliminate the need to overbook just to keep the schedule full
  • Interactive communications follow-ups – enabling practitioners to send templated texts and emails – quick and easy

OnTime Care from Patient Innovations: It’s about time!

Ken Greenberg
8 months ago

Invest in the Solution to Patients’ Number One Complaint 
97% of patients are frustrated by endless wait times… now, patients can “Lose Wait” with software from Patient Innovations
OnTime Care’s smart technology empowers patients – before, during and after their visit – giving them greater control … and a better experience

  • Patients use OnTime Care’s Virtual Intelligent Booking Engine to schedule, view, or reschedule appointments on their smartphone – to increase schedule density
  • OnTime Care’s efficiency engine keeps doctors’ schedule full while allowing them to spend more quality time with each patient
  • SmartStandby® automatically fills cancelations and anticipated no-shows – so there’s no need for doctors to overbook
  • Should a doctor be running late, patients are notified in real-time and can choose to wait, reschedule, or see another doctor

Greater practice efficiency. A better patient experience.
OnTime Care from Patient Innovations: It’s about time.

Ken Greenberg
8 months ago

Patient Innovations’ OnTime Care (OTC) technology helps doctors solve one of their biggest challenges.

Greater practice efficiency. A better patient experience.

With online reviews and social media as close as a smartphone, doctors can’t afford unhappy patients.

OTC SmartComm® platform is the robust solution to stay in touch 

  • Multiple automated messages remind patients about their appointments, advise when the doctor is running late, emergency closings, test results and more
  • Practitioners can create unlimited message templates
  • OTC stores all messages (outgoing and patient responses) in the patient record

OTC RapidResults CommunicatorTM lets practitioners review results and send texts to patients in moments, just by checking a box

  • Saves at least an estimated hour daily for busy practitioners

OnTime Care from Patient Innovations: It’s about time.

CLICK https://castleplacement.com/portfolio/patientinnovations/ to Learn More and Invest!

Ken Greenberg
7 months ago

Cancelations and no-shows wreak havoc with a busy doctor’s schedule

  • Many booking systems charge for no-shows! Why pay for patients who aren’t coming?

OnTime Care’s Virtual Intelligent Booking Engine (VIBE) – patients book from their smartphones anytime, anywhere

  • As soon as a patient cancels, SmartStandby® fills that appointment from an automated standby list; anticipates and pre-fills no-shows, helping to keep doctor schedules full without the need to overbook
  • RapidResults CommunicatorTM – allows doctors to review test results and send texts to patients within moments, just by checking a box; saving at least an hour daily for busy practitioners

OnTime Care from Patient Innovations: It’s about time.

CLICK https://castleplacement.com/portfolio/patientinnovations/ to Learn More and Invest!


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