£50m/ USD 65 million


Specialty Finance

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Real Estate


UK, Hong Kong


£50m/ USD 65 million

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Platinum Rise Capital Partners (PRCP) is a development finance company that specialises in the real estate sector. PRCP supplies capital to development partners in the UK under either Fixed Interest or Joint Venture terms that are fully secured by the underlying assets.

  • Raising £50m/ USD 65m
  • Asset backed
  • Fixed interest coupons up to 12% p/a
  • £500+ million in the development pipeline over the next two years
  • Borrowers/partners are extremely experienced real estate developers in the UK
  • Proven track record: Over 20 projects completed in the past 3 years
  • Developments sectors include: residential, commercial, hospitality, student and healthcare
  • Experienced management team in real estate and finance with successful track record across Europe and Asia Pacific
  • Offices in London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Dubai
Helping Great Companies Grow


  • Access investment opportunities that are usually only available at banking and developer level
  • Brexit allows a brilliant opportunity to acquire unique and performing assets, JV with the best developers at higher expected returns
  • Opportunistic overseas investors have capitalized on the cheap Pound
  • In the aftermath of Brexit, the fundamentals are really strong:
    • The UK World class land registry system, with a legal system favourable for property owners. It’s great to own property in the UK
    • UK has a backlog of about 4 Million homes that need to be built
    • Unemployment is at a record low
    • Interest rates are low
    • Larger scale developers have opportunities for Joint ventures
  • Traditional lenders have opted to concentrate on what they do best – lower risk loans with lower leverage – which give alternative lenders a unique window of investment opportunities
  • Well established developers are now open to change the way they fund their projects and bring them to market, and are interested to partner with Platinum Rise to benefit from our services
Helping Great Companies Grow


Bond Benefit:

  • Secured fixed income over a 3 or 5 year period
  • Bond Offering Insurance taken out (A/A+ rated insurers)
  • Gain access to multiple UK real estate development projects
  • Diversification through multiple sectors: Residential, Commercial, Student, Health Care
  • Returns that are greater than current investment or rental yields in the UK
  • Regular updates and full transparency on your investments
  • Established developers & contractors with proven track record and project delivery to date
  • Have peace of mind with a clear exit strategy for each project
  • No set-up fees


  • Exit Strategy

The Bond Issuer has the ability to offer an immediate exit strategy for any developments through underwriting services. The business forward-purchases projects are then on-sold through a vast network of investors and distribution partners globally. This helps to de-risk the bond and its investors in the early stages of development

  • Diversification

Capital spread across multiple high performing developers rather than just one

  • Regulation

Security trustee, independent regulated entities maintain compliance and procedure

  • Insurance

Issuer has taken out an indemnity policy by A/A+ rated insurers in relation to its liabilities under the offering

  • Project Management

Issuer assigns independent Project Management team monitoring system alongside developers

Helping Great Companies Grow


Adam Simmons

Founder and Co-CEO

Real estate and property market professional. Over ten years of experience in the building industry. Completed many development projects throughout the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Experience across all sectors of the real estate industry from design, construction, recycling building materials, sales and marketing, financial structuring, underwriting and capital raising. Co-founded Alpha SPC and has successfully built the company’s track record since inception – average return of 18% per annum between 2013 and 2017. BSc Architectural Technology, The University of Northampton.

Murray Holdgate

Founder and Co-CEO

Over 13 years of experience working in banking and finance, running an Equity and Bond desk in Hong Kong before retiring in 2017 to focus on real estate full time. Director and Head of Asian Convertible Bonds of Tullett Prebon – assisted in bringing the whole business forward to the largest and most successful broker in Asia. Expertise includes bond and stock pricing, foreign exchange pricing, accounting procedures, fund appropriation, client liaison and quantitative analysis. Co-founded Alpha SPC and oversees the structuring/re-structuring of debt for global development partners. Current licenses held with Securities and futures commission: Responsible officer, Type 1, 2, 3, 7 and pending Type 9 (asset management). Member of Property Committee of the British chamber of Commerce Hong Kong.


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