Positioned to be the leading manufacturer of premium technology sodium batteries in North America

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Alternative Energy


$50 Million

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PAG Mission

Build a world-class sodium-ion battery cell/pack production facility in North America to meet robust demand globally

Target markets are stationary battery storage (wind/solar farm) and mission-critical (e.g., data centers/communication bases) operations

High quality, competitively priced sodium-ion batteries with focus on U.S. production and sales

Exploit over 10 years of experience gained in battery R&D and manufacturing, with leading expertise in sodium batteries

Transaction Overview

Power Ahead Group, Inc. (“PAG”) is:

  • seeking initial funding of $50M. First $25M will have preferred terms
  • seeking to become the first publicly listed sodium-ion battery company with domestic US sodium-ion cell and battery production
  • targeting a NASDAQ listing in 2024 after first listing on the TSX

 Intended Use of Funds

  • Build first US production facility, manufacturing and development of superior sodium-ion batteries

Section 1:

The Golden Age of Clean Energy Development

The cost of clean energy power generation continues to decline

The market for clean energy technology is expanding rapidly

The benefits of energy transformation have never been so obvious

Advanced batteries are the next major step in clean energy power generation, with two different battery technologies at the forefront:

Lithium-ion Batteries – use in especially electric passenger vehicles as well as energy storage has driven high demand
Sodium-ion Batteries – use in energy storage as well as motive power and mission-critical operations forecasted to drive similarly high demand (data center, cloud and quantum computing)

Lithium-Ion vs Sodium-Ion Batteries

Lithium-Ion Batteries

  • Lithium-ion batteries rely on the scarce element (EXPENSIVE) lithium for power and energy storage
  • Lithium-ion batteries have been prevalent in the news as, at present, most electric vehicle and energy storage operations utilize lithium-ion batteries due to the degree of commercialization over the past few years
  • Lithium-ion batteries have critical drawbacks, including risk of fire/explosion and limited operational temperature range. They are NOT SAFE




Sodium-Ion Batteries

  • Sodium-ion batteries rely on the far more abundant (AFFORDABLE) element sodium for power and energy storage
  • Sodium-ion battery technology dates back similarly to that of lithium-ion, but with much present focus on electric vehicles (where lithium-ion batteries are well-suited due to their energy density), they have not yet reached the same level of commercialization in industrial energy storage
  • Sodium-ion batteries are SAFE and well-suited to energy storage applications (such as utility grids and commercial/residential energy storage) as well as certain electric vehicle applications and mission-critical operations such as data centers (cloud and quantum computing)

PAG – Growth – Timing is Everything

The projected needs for energy storage alone – with demand in the United States forecast to approach 2.0 TWh by 2030 – present a compelling case for wide-scale adoption of sodium-ion battery technology

The dramatic growth of the lithium-ion battery industry demonstrates the kind of growth that is possible for sodium-ion batteries

PAG is primed to bring our technology to market and help meet the ever-growing demand for clean energy battery technology, especially in the stationary storage arena, as well as for motive applications and mission-critical operations

Sodium Batteries – Applications

Energy Storage

  • A core focus of Power Ahead is stationary energy storage applications – whether for utilities, residential, or commercial applications
  • Sodium-ion batteries are ideal for stationary energy storage, as the battery size/weight is of far less import than in mobile applications; instead, the safety and cost benefits become paramount

Motive Applications

  • Industrial or slower-moving vehicles, especially where safety or cold temperature performance is essential, can accommodate the extra size/weight and thus benefit from the safety and lower cost of sodium-ion batteries
  • Mini-compact cars, electric bicycles, scooters, and robots are also well-suited to sodium-ion batteries

Mission Critical Backup Power

  • Mission-critical operations such as data centers and communication bases also prioritize safety to ensure continuity of operations and are thus excellent locations for sodium batteries

Our Mission

PAG’s Mission: 

  • We aim to build a world-class sodium-ion battery cell/pack production facility in North America to meet robust demand globally
  • Target markets are stationary battery storage (wind/solar farm) and mission-critical (e.g., data centers/communication bases) operations
  • High quality, competitively priced sodium-ion batteries with focus on U.S. production and sales
  • Exploit over 10 years of experience gained in battery R&D and manufacturing, with leading expertise in sodium batteries



Our logo depicts two clean energy resources from the sky – solar and wind – and reflects the necessity and importance of energy storage for these green energy sources.  With greater safety, lower cost, and practically unlimited resources, sodium-ion batteries are the best choice for continuous, stable clean energy and Power Ahead is the leading sodium-ion company in North America.

PAG – At A Glance

Goal = provide clean, safe, stable and affordable industrial energy storage solutions

How = by developing and producing optimal sodium-ion battery solutions – cost-effective, high-quality, technologically advanced, and manufactured in North America – for clean energy and energy storage applications globally

Products =  batteries and battery packs for stationary storage, targeted electric vehicle applications, and other uses such as data centers and communication base stations

Plans = 10-yr growth plan will be accelerated by experience gained over the last 10+ years in China and North America, having leading expertise in cutting edge sodium-ion battery technology and large-scale rollout of battery production technology.  We know how to build out and optimize the production chain to bring the cost and quality benefits to meet surging market demand and bring value to shareholders

Priority = Develop a domestic U.S. manufacturing chain, including a production plant to produce battery cells and packs and an R&D center, with the ability to obtain materials from existing sources as well as develop new sources domestically in North America

Market Cap/Liquidity = TSX listing in 2024 to support the buildout and operationalization of our North American production facilities, with consideration towards a NASDAQ listing thereafter


It would take a new entrant at least 3 years to catch up to PAG’s:

  • Patent Portfolio
  • R&D expertise
  • Advanced Materials and related tech



Time to monetize this advantage!!!


Dr. Luke Zhang

Chairman and CEO (Canadian Citizen)

Dr. Luke Zhang holds a Ph. D. in Pharmacology from Vanderbilt University in the United States, a Masters of Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Shanghai First Medical University in China, and a Bachelor of Medicine from Shandong Medical University in China. With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Luke Zhang is a recognized individual in the business, medical, and academic communities in both North America and Asia. Dr. Zhang has successfully built and managed a number of firms in the health, food, clean energy, and software development industries.   

More recently, Dr. Zhang’s strong background in chemistry, including physical chemistry and electrical chemistry, spurred him to focus on new clean energy, with particular focus on sodium-ion battery research and innovation.  He formed Power Ahead Group, bringing together and leading a highly experienced team of engineers and scientists with over a decade of experience researching, refining, and producing lithium and sodium-ion battery technologies.

Dr. Zhang fully grasps the ever-growing need for clean energy batteries and the use cases for sodium-ion batteries in particular.  With Power Ahead, Dr. Zhang plans to bring cutting edge sodium-ion battery research and production to North America.  With Dr. Zhang’s vision and strategic direction, Power Ahead is positioned to become the leading manufacturer of premium technology sodium-ion batteries in North America.

Brian Palmieri

President (US Citizen)

Mr. Palmieri is a veteran entrepreneur. He has been instrumental in several start-up ventures and turn-around efforts and has a unique understanding of the requirements of starting and operating both public and private companies.

He also travels the globe and is involved in various humanitarian ventures as well as seeking out business development and start-up opportunities as both an investor and a consultant.

Simon J. Springett

Chief Operating Officer (US Citizen)

Mr. Springett is currently a Director and COO of GLG Life Tech Corporation, and is a licensed attorney in the United States, with extensive experience in international corporate affairs.  Mr. Springett received Bachelor of Science degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Applied Mathematics from the University of Colorado in 1995. In 2012, he graduated with honors from Northwestern University School of Law.  

Mr. Springett brings an array of operational, sales, legal, and management experience ranging from the software industry to the natural sweetener industry. 

Edward Wang

Chief Financial Officer (Canadian Citizen)

Mr. Edward Wang, CFO, CPA, CGA, BA, MBA, has over 20 years’ experience in finance and accounting and internal controls of public companies (SEC & TSX) in several multinational industries.

Mr. Wang is currently working as Chief Financial Officer at GLG Life Tech Corporation and is responsible for corporate finance and audit, cost control, budgeting and cash flow management, TSX reporting, and project evaluation founded on his extensive financial management experience.  Mr. Wang previously spent 7 years at Kraft Foods involved in financial analysis, US GAAP reporting and SOX implementation, and before that worked in the mining and high-tech industries.

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