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Q5id Inc. (Q5id) is seeking $50 million to further develop and monetize its patented, comprehensive identity authentication technology.


Eliminates cumbersome authorizations (e.g., passwords, user ID’s, MFA, etc.) in a safe and secure manner

Proven self-managed identity enrollment and authentication solution

Biometrically enabled digital identity enrollment and authentication

Delivers proven and secure digital identity, reducing identity theft and the impact of data breaches

Helps prevent ransomware


 Key Highlights

Tried and Tested
The Q5id Solution was rigorously developed and tested with U.S. Bank, and approved for use by the bank’s Technology Group

Competitive Differentiation
Most comprehensive solution available

SaaS business model with simple product line extensions

Become the largest biometrically enabled identity database in the world

Highly Experienced Management
Extensive start-up, B2B, B2G, and B2C experience – CEO/Founder’s first company sold for $150 million with significant IRR to investors

High Growth Market
Identity tech had the highest industry valuation increase for 2021 (Cybersecurity and Fintech were #2 and #3) as per Pitchbook




Market Growth: 

Cybercrime is expected to increase ​15% annually, costing the world more ​than US $10.5 trillion by 2025

Total Available Market (TAM): 

The TAM was US $9.4 Billion in 2021; ​projected at US $42 billion by 2030

Biometric Usage: 

Customer demand for biometric usage is rapidly growing; industries are putting enormous resources into biometric technologies

The Need for Value Addition: 

With the advancement of biometric usage, outdated modes of authentication such as passwords and knowledge-based assessments should take a lower place in the technology hierarchy


 Solution Strategy

Q5id provides a patented, comprehensive mobile platform that saves businesses from fraud loss.


Reducing ID Theft/Data Breaches:
Q5id is the first solution to offer “Free of Fraud Risk” – even in possession of all your personal information, fraudsters are made powerless

Benefit to Consumers:
Q5id has created the first solution (as envisioned by the EU’s Sovereign Identity concept) where the consumer has control of their own identity, pioneering a new industry –Universal Proven Self-Managed Identity and providing peace of mind

Prevents all Tactical Identity Fraud:
Prevents all the tactics used by identity fraudsters to protect a person’s proven identity during transactions and interactions

The Q5id solution are expected to save businesses billions of dollars in ID fraud losses annually

Comprehensive Solution:
Includes companion products like Guardian to protect your family and opens the door to eliminate current forms of authorization

(e.g., passwords, user ID’s, MFA, etc.)


Competitive Advantage

Q5id stands alone as the only provider of a comprehensive Universal Proven Self-Managed Identity Solution that eliminates fraud loss

Expects to introduce companion products like Guardian and other value-add services that protect individuals and their families – not offered by competitors

Q5id has the most robust solution to eliminate current forms of Authorization (e.g., passwords, user ID’s, MFA, etc.)




Q5ID Patented One-Time Enrollment Process

Augments medium trucks of less than full truck loads for time sensitive deliveries


Customer Pipeline

Bank and Financial Institution Active Pipeline


40 companies in the pipeline, but focused on selected priority targets such as:



The bank’s New Technology Group has officially signed off and approved Q5id for use by the bank. Moving forward with integration into US Bank’s KYC process with technical engagement to begin in Q2


Working with executive team on moving forward with a proof of concept to help JPMC reduce losses related to identity theft and fraud

2,000 banks and Credit Unions. Starting with their banking platform (Banno) and their Credit Union platform (Symitar). In progress.

Deployed at over 1,000 credit unions and is used at over 15,000 automotive dealerships. In progress.


        Strategic Partnership

Partnership with Sinclair Broadcast Group


Sinclair Broadcast Group is an equity contribution to Q5id

3-Year Agreement & Media commitment to ramp up to full coverage in all 86 markets

Enables Q5id to become the most recognized brand in proven self-managed identity and to generate rapid traction with the Guardian Program

Estimated $150M+ in affiliate media value with Billions of Impressions over 3 years

Focused on generating at least 2 million Guardian Subscriptions over 36 months

Goal to create at least 8 million Proven Identity Enrollments & National Awareness

Discussions with Verizon


About 17% of individuals have phones too old to work with the Q5id apps

Verizon can provide affordable phones to people who want Guardian (or Q5id)

Q5id will help eliminate identity fraud loss for Verizon (this is a big issue)

Co-Sponsoring Guardian and encouraging Guardian volunteer and subscriber sign-ups –aligns with mission of protecting communities

Verizon can require Apple and Samsung to install the Q5id apps at the factory 







Chairman/Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Founded Q5id in 2018


In 2001 founded SureID, the leading provider of identity management for the DoD and Homeland Security

In 1987 founded Unicru, Inc., a leader in the automation of Human Capital Management (among Oregon’s fastest-growing private companies prior to its acquisition by Kronos for $150 million)




Highly accomplished CIO/CTO with more than 30 years of success in a wide variety of industries

Achieved the #4 and #12 rankings on ExecRanks’ Top 50 Female CIO’s and 200 CIOs of 2012

Holder of 2 US patents. CIO/CTO with Wells Fargo, PepsiCo, Best Buy, & MGM Resorts International



Co-Founder of Q5id, Mr. Odierno has over 30 years leadership experience in startup and early-stage companies including as a co-founder of SureID

Mr. Odierno leads Q5id’s strategic and intellectual property development, key partnerships, investor relations and capitalization strategy


Distinguished Board Members



Chairman of Ridge Global, which provides clients with solutions to cybersecurity, international security, and risk management issues

Following the tragic events of September 11th, 2001, became the first Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Twice elected Governor of Pennsylvania, serving as the state’s 43rd governor from 1995 to 2001.

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