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SaaS,Cybersecurity,Identity Authentication,Fintech


$50 Million

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Q5id Inc. (Q5id) is seeking $50 million to further develop and monetize its patented, comprehensive identity authentication technology.


Eliminates cumbersome authorizations (e.g., passwords, user ID’s, MFA, etc.) in a safe and secure manner

Proven self-managed identity enrollment and authentication solution

Biometrically enabled digital identity enrollment and authentication

Delivers proven and secure digital identity, reducing identity theft and the impact of data breaches

Helps prevent ransomware


 Key Highlights

Tried and Tested
The Q5id Solution was rigorously developed and tested with U.S. Bank, and approved for use by the bank’s Technology Group

Competitive Differentiation
Most comprehensive solution available

SaaS business model with simple product line extensions

Become the largest biometrically enabled identity database in the world

Highly Experienced Management
Extensive start-up, B2B, B2G, and B2C experience – CEO/Founder’s first company sold for $150 million with significant IRR to investors

High Growth Market
Identity tech had the highest industry valuation increase for 2021 (Cybersecurity and Fintech were #2 and #3) as per Pitchbook




Market Growth: 

Cybercrime is expected to increase ​15% annually, costing the world more ​than US $10.5 trillion by 2025

Total Available Market (TAM): 

The TAM was US $9.4 Billion in 2021; ​projected at US $42 billion by 2030

Biometric Usage: 

Customer demand for biometric usage is rapidly growing; industries are putting enormous resources into biometric technologies

The Need for Value Addition: 

With the advancement of biometric usage, outdated modes of authentication such as passwords and knowledge-based assessments should take a lower place in the technology hierarchy


 Solution Strategy

Q5id provides a patented, comprehensive mobile platform that saves businesses from fraud loss.


Reducing ID Theft/Data Breaches:
Q5id is the first solution to offer “Free of Fraud Risk” – even in possession of all your personal information, fraudsters are made powerless

Benefit to Consumers:
Q5id has created the first solution (as envisioned by the EU’s Sovereign Identity concept) where the consumer has control of their own identity, pioneering a new industry –Universal Proven Self-Managed Identity and providing peace of mind