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Romano Capital


Romano Capital is a multifaceted real estate platform seeking $100 million to expand its short-term (12-24 months) real estate lending program to third-party developers

Property types: single family homes, townhomes, condominiums, multifamily rental and commercial properties

Operates in the fast growing and high-income regions of the Pacific Northwest

Large and growing pipeline of lending opportunities – no credit losses since inception (almost ten years)

Founded in 2003 as a mortgage broker by Kess Romano and his father Jerry, who has since retired – Kess and his brother Korban lead an experienced team

Romano Capital


According to the US Census, 12.3 million new households were formed in the US from 2012 through 2019, yet only 7 million single family homes were built during that time

Construction of multifamily properties remains strong to meet the demand in light of insufficient growth of single family homes

According to Forbes Magazine, US housing, America’s biggest industry, remains strong – home loan volume is breaking records, average sales prices are up 6% after 100 months of gains, and home inventory is tight, forcing half of all buyers into a bidding war

Romano Capital


Romano was founded in 2003 as a mortgage broker and pivoted in 2009 to become an alternative investment provider – it is now a vertically integrated residential and commercial real estate developer and private money lender

15 completed real estate projects; five under construction; four in development

Currently funds projects and loans through nine equity and debt funds totaling $110 million

Eight equity funds have been liquidated, all with positive returns, and six debt funds have been liquidated, all of which met the original terms of the fund notes

Romano’s lending business provides short term duration loans (typically 12-24 months) to commercial real estate companies secured by first liens – includes assignments of rent, security agreements and fixture filings

Director of Lending, Stephanie Koch, has a 10-year real estate lending track record prior to joining Romano, with had no credit losses or delinquencies

Romano Capital

Lending Business

Target single-family and multi-family development and value-add properties in the Northwest

Loan types: commercial construction, land, land development and commercial property bridge loans

Loan sizes generally $500,000 to $3,000,000, with about a 65% average LTV

201 loans funded since inception in 2013 totalling over $140 million

Only two foreclosures (both resolved at a significant profit) and two other loans that needed additional extensions (both current with no losses expected)

Romano Capital


Kess Romano


Co-founded Romano Capital in 2003 as a mortgage broker and expanded into real estate funds and development in 2009. Over 20 years of experience in all aspects of residential real estate

Involved in every aspect of fund-raising and management and the development process from negotiation to close

Underwrites every transaction. Graduated from George Fox University with BA in economics

Korban Romano

Director of Operations/Principal

Joined Romano in 2011 and has helped drive the growth of the company, specifically working to expand the core lines of business in lending and real estate development

Oversees cash management, accounting, compliance and reporting, including 30 LLCs

Directly oversees the Romano Capital Mortgage Fund

Romano Capital

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