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Satwiki Proteins Pvt Ltd is seeking $100 million to purchase raw materials and increase manufacturing capability

  • Phase 1 – $26.7 million to fulfil the working capital, operations expenses, and raw material purchases needed to push manufacturing capacity from its current 40% to 100%, which is expected to increase profitability
  • Phase 2 – $73.3 Million to install a new manufacturing unit

With 50% of India’s edible oil and animal feed coming from exports, providing an opportunity for Satwiki Proteins to expand its market reach

The manufacturing unit is in Jaipur, Rajasthan

  • Oil mill – 200 metric tons
  • Solvent plant – 700 metric tons
  • Refinery – 400 metric tons

Experienced management team with over 60 years in the edible oil industry, a pioneer of edible oil crushing machines, with numerous large and reputable customers


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India is the fourth largest edible oil industry – expected to grow to 34 million tons by 2030

India imports half of its edible oil

Increased demand for animal protein has led to an increased demand for animal feed

De oiled cake is the best cattle feed ingredient

Indian animal feed market is projected to reach INR 788 billion by 2023 (CAGR of 14.5%)


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Increased capital should allow the purchase of raw materials at lower costs using advance payments, increase profit margins, and lower prices

Exploit high demand for edible oil and animal feed (de oiled cake)

Maximize factory output to increase profitability


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Mr. Vivek Agarwal



Active in the edible oil Industry from the past 17 years with a diploma in computer science and a bachelor’s in business administration.

Responsible for brand quality, maintaining goodwill in the market, major operations and accounts, and directing and achieving company goals.

Mr. N.L. Agarwal

Managing Director


Over 40 years in the edible oil Industry, starting with a ration shop selling edible oil from other


Set-up the pioneer manual oil seeds crushing machine (Alok Oil Mills Private Limited) in Rajasthan in 1979.

Has built a large, reputable customer base from all over the country including Adani Wilmar, Mother Dairy, Marico and Dabur.

Runs the daily operations, management and strategy implementation.

Mr. Vikas Agarwal

Chief Marketing Officer


Over 25 years in wholesale and distribution. Introduces innovative ideas and provides energy to the business.

Bachelor’s degree in Business Administrations. Managerial role, responsible for packaging and brand marketing, the local market knowledge, Indian business conditions, and new business opportunities.

Mrs. Sunita Agarwal



Serves as the external marketing arm of Satwiki.

Provides an independent view on the business, governance and best boardroom practice, original input and contribution to Board meetings and, where appropriate, constructive challenge of processes and procedures.

Bachelor’s degree in commerce.


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