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Helping Great Companies Grow


  • Shield Global, created in 2014, maximizes insurance recoveries for auto leasing companies
  • Seeking +/-$26 million to expand the business, buyout certain shareholders and retire debt
  • Specializes in recovering “diminished value”, which reflects the lost value of a fully repaired vehicle simply because it has been in an accident
  • Proprietary, patent-pending end-to-end fleet monitoring technology – accidents, repairs and insurance recoveries are tracked real-time
  • Team has written appraisal methodology that has been adopted by most of the P&C auto insurance industry in North America
  • Management team aims to capture 90%+ market share by 2021
  • Selected by one of the largest US auto leasing companies as its sole vendor – Shield earns a large share of the recoveries
  • Over $30 million in net outstanding claims owed by top-rated insurance companies
  • In discussions with most other captive and large lease fleet finance groups – second major customer to be launched in Q4 2018
  • Additional upstream revenue opportunities exist
Helping Great Companies Grow


  • Leasing companies lack the specialized expertise to determine the diminished value of their repaired vehicles and to negotiate fair settlements with insurance companies
  • A substantial body of case law supports insurance recovery of diminished value in addition to the cost of repairs
  • The market for, and understanding of, diminished value is growing – the market values for vehicles that have been in accidents is on average 10% lower than those with out accident histories
Helping Great Companies Grow


  • Shield service can retroactively recover diminished value on vehicles with losses as far back as 2-3 years, providing a significant boost to the client’s bottom line in the first year of service
  • Custom VIN monitoring service is the first step in a patent-pending, full service operation that provides equity reconciliation and recovery processing from beginning to end
  • Unique and unmatched – clients regularly submit leased vehicle data and receive equitable settlements from nationwide losses, and now available in Canada
  • Based on the strong service and results, existing large client is looking at other areas within their upstream corporate model for Shield
  • Client contracts may include a fixed split percentage of recoveries or an annual upfront payment in exchange for receiving the entire recovery
Helping Great Companies Grow


Wayne Collins

25-year veteran of the P&C Insurance and Appraisal Industries. After spending nearly a decade in auto physical damage claims management nationwide, spent ten years at Mitchell International, launching their Total Loss and Appraisal Divisions in San Diego, CA, Evansville, IN and Dallas, TX. Those divisions served over 70 insurance clients in the US and Canada, including seven of the top ten carriers.  Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Finance from Valparaiso University, is Six Sigma certified, and is a long-standing member of the International Automotive Appraisers Association.

Brad Pund


Key partner in a growing accounting and corporate finance firm for 15 years, having served over 800 individual clients and 150 corporate entities. Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Southern Indiana and is a QuickBooks certified ProAdvisor


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