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Stallion Oil is seeking $15 million to drill and develop onshore oil assets in Texas

Independent exploration and production company with offices in Houston and Toronto

Created in 2021 with 2 million barrels of undeveloped recoverable oil and a strategy to drill low risk shallow oil wells

Currently developing Frio County asset, two wells drilled with 200,000 barrels recoverable oil in the first well and 100,000 barrels in the second

2,861 acres under lease in Frio County, Texas, 75% NRI, 65 drilling locations with cost of $800,000 per well

13 million barrels of reserves from current leasehold with finding/development cost of $5 per barrel.




US oil price averaged well above $100/barrel during first half of 2022 and expected to average above $90/barrel during 2023 as per EIA

The Frio River Oil Field is owned and operated by Stallion Oil, certified probable reserves of $41 million on 20 locations and $70 oil prices

Original oil in place (STOOIP) of 16-25 million barrels of oil per section1; excellent properties – over 100 million barrels of oil in place on current leases

Technical team has identified over 30,000 acres to target for the horizontal development of the Caddo formation in the Eastern Permian.



Aim to acquire and develop low risk, conventional oil projects in Texas

Currently evaluating several possible acquisitions but will focus primarily on direct leasing of drilling prospects

Projected 2,000,000 BO recoverable from first 20 wells with 75% NRI

Active drilling program with 65 locations available to drill with 40⁰- 42⁰ sweet light crude.


Expansion Project


Bend Arch Prospect – developed by Stallion technical team

Low risk shallow oil play surrounded by existing production, shallow oil development applying new technology to known reserves

Projected reserves of 600,000 barrels per well; project developed in $45 barrel price environment

Low lease cost, higher well cost with multiple horizontal laterals, prospective valuation of $2 billion.


Competitive Advantages

Established, significant cash flow

Capability to scale up by expanding into similar shallow oil projects

Ability to maintain rapid organic growth through drilling

Seasoned management team with deep technical and project delivery expertise

13-million-barrel estimated reserves owned.


Management Team

Paul Williams

CEO and Chairman

Previously CEO of Eagle Ford Oil & Gas, a publicly traded company and Managing Partner of Vaquero Oil & Gas

Two decades of operating and executive positions within the upstream oil and gas industry, with both private and public entities

Responsible for originating, developing and joint venturing several multi-million-dollar large acre prospects in South Texas, as well as negotiating and corporately overseeing large seismic shoots.

Rick Adams

President and CFO

30+ years of capital, trading and operations experience from the US energy markets

Delivered several billion dollars of project development capital, portfolio management and provided executive leadership to Fortune 500 and small business

Built two energy capital teams with more than a billion dollars in total investments

Financed the creation of a dozen successful companies, created new financial instruments and the orderly liquidation of a billion-dollar investment portfolio during the fall of the merchant energy sector in 2002.

Created Bullfrog Capital which provides capital advisory services and executive leadership.

Chris Barden


41 years of industry experience in all phases of engineering

Previously president of Texas Meridian Resources Corporation, in charge of all reservoir engineering, production and drilling operations in seven states

In 2007, formed Mantle Oil & Gas LLC – has been involved in the geological and reservoir evaluation, drilling and operating fields mainly in North and South Texas and South Louisiana

Graduate of Auburn University with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering. Registered professional Petroleum Engineer in Louisiana.


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