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StreamNet TV is a music and entertainment technology company that provides streaming entertainment content including full-length concerts, movies, and television shows. Seeking $28 million to expand its business by acquiring more ownership rights: music audio, movie and film libraries, live events, new releases of urban and dance music artists, and TV shows

  • The proceeds will also be used to
    • consolidate content and licensing into StreamNet TV
    • launch first channel and live test platform
    • acquire content to scale above 100,000 titles
    • prepare platform to support first 100 channels
    • attract new artists
    • extend relationships with retail and online partners
    • launch entertainment center in Las Vegas, NV
    • goal is to achieve ten million subscribers in the first six months (2.5% of worldwide SVOD users and 8% of Netflix users)
  • Most consumers subscribe to 3-4 streaming services. StreamNet TV expects to eliminate the need for multiple streaming services.
  • Target audience will include these oversubscribed consumers that desire a streamlined platform for all their media needs, as well as underserved areas where Cable TV and Satellite service are rarely available
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  • The rise of digital and mobile platforms coupled with the high cost of cable TV and its notoriously bad customer service, has driven millions to “cut the cord” with their traditional media provider
  • Cable presents several problems
    • viewers must watch at scheduled times
    • can only view programs on limited devices
    • programming schedules are fixed
    • bundled unwatched channels is a waste of money
    • long contracts with canceling penalties
  • Cable companies are missing out on major opportunities
    • live concerts are not broadcasted, and viewers must purchase expensive tickets to attend
    • fan to fan interaction is not available
    • limited access to new music artists
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StreamNet is structuring its deals with content providers (film and TV studios, etc.) on a revenue sharing basis

  1. Own the Content
    1. over 100,000 titles
    2. offers to expand the library substantially in the next two years
  2. Deliver the Highest Quality
    1. has built a robust scalable platform streaming 4K and 3D resolution video
    2. VR expected
  3. Frictionless Menu
    1. consumers have touch and voice activated menu choices for quick search interaction
  4. Single View and Member Pricing
    1. content from as little as $1.00 for a limited view
    2. open access for under $20
  5. Provide shared viewing social events
    1. Viewer App supports device-to-device view casting for friend and family access
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Darryl Payne


Billboard Number One Producer. Produced over 3,000 separate release titles throughout 43-year career. Emphasis on dance music and R&B/Urban genres. Entered into production deals with Warner Brothers, Sony/BMG, Universal, and Virgin. Achieved an elite status in the music industry by being awarded multiple Gold Records and Billboard Number One Awards. Production credits on over 3,000 releases, including five different artists on the Billboard charts at the same time. Started promotion company to the stars as a 17-year old teenager. Later in his career, founded and was a President and CEO of Classic World Productions (“CWP”). CWP music and video titles were regularly broadcast on all the major TV networks. Through his efforts secured vending agreements for CWP with Disney, ABC, Universal, CBS/Viacom, E Entertainment, and Fox. Produced the Legends of Classic Soul concert series, featuring the Temptations Review with Dennis Edwards, The Whispers, The Four Tops, The Dells, The Dramatics, The Manhattans, The Chi-lites and many more. The Legends of Classic Soul series has generated millions in sales through direct marketing campaigns.

William Beamon

Director and Vice President

Extensive industry career that has included working with IMG International. Directly responsible for managing the royalty departments for many music publishers. Worked with major bricks and mortar and Internet retail accounts. Has worked closely with Darryl Payne since 1981 and was directly involved with the production of the Legends of Classic Soul and Classic World Productions.


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