Waste Management

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Waste Management Manufacturing


Uttar Pradesh, India


$102 Million

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SVM Infraestate is seeking $102 million to create 20 waste management systems across India

SVM is contributing the company (at a $4.5 million current valuation) and $500,000 of new capital

Existing agreements with the Indian government, Nagar Panchayats & Greater Noida, Mathura Nagar Nigam, etc.

Award-winning waste management system in a relatively new sector

The Indian government has promised to buy SVM’s products at a defined price for the next 25 years under the Indian government’s new SATAT program

SVM is also free to participate in the private market



The gas found in various kinds of waste, such as animal or poultry dunk, agricultural waste, can create Compress Biogas (CBG/CNG)

CBG/G can be used as an energy source and manure and liquid fertilizer

The India Market

763 Million Metric Tons (MMT) of Crude Oil and 1,488 Billion Cubic Meters (BCM) of natural gas in stores

Currently imports 77% of its crude oil requirements and about 50% of its natural gas requirements – the government plans to reduce by at least 10% by 2022

Plans to increase the contribution of gas in the energy mix from existing 6.5% (global average is 23.5%) to 15% by 2022



SVM Infraestate expects to contribute 0.05% of the target set by the Government of India to create 5,000 compressed biogas plants across the country

Well-versed in the collection of required raw material of CBG (Compressed Biogas)

Collecting 100 Metric tons of CBG every day; and plans to expand production

Signed MoU with a municipal corporation to collect waste in Delhi NCR (India’s Capital)


SATAT Program

The Indian Government has launched a “SATAT” program under the ministry of petroleum and renewable energy

Likely to see investment worth $27 trillion to set up 5,000 compressed biogas (CBG) units across India



Manit Kunal


Five-year veteran of SVM Infraestate and a qualified leader with corporate exposure in the Birla Group

Extensive qualifications in finance, project management, and business acquisitions

Serves as the central leader behind SVM Infraestate’s business with a focus on building the company and ensuring the most efficient company asset utilization

M.C. Bhardwaj


Over 24 years of experience in the sector with an ICWA qualification in 1997. Qualified master of cost accountant

Studied at the Indian Institute of Cost and Work Accountant

Worked at JP Infratech, Jil LTD, Filtron, etc

Skilled in project control and feasibility, budgeting, cost analysis and optimization, as well as coordinating sales and construction.

Mradul Kumar Garg

Managing Director

Founded the first integrated waste management service in India with over 30 years of experience

Served as a consultant in the ministry of food corporation of India. Previously a member of the Consultative Committee of the Food Corporation of India for the state of Uttar Pradesh

Active member of CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) and IGBC (Indian Green Building Council)

Earned a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from Polytechnic College in Harda in 1985.


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