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T.C.M International Trade Ltd. (“TCM”) is monetizing the rapid growth of eCommerce and has developed a suite of artificial intelligence (AI) / machine learning (ML) based technology which elevates eCommerce private label branded businesses

Seeking +/-$114 million (equity and debt refinancing) to acquire and develop eCommerce businesses, and to expand and market its suite of AI/ML-based software tools

TCM has allocated $30 million to a SAFE with a 20% valuation discount ($2.03 million raised thus far)

In process of relocating its headquarters from Israel to the U.S.

  • TCM+/- $104 million – eCommerce aggregation in a high growth global market of over $5 trillion with few major competitors
  • Magicsoft.AI +/- $5 million – suite of tools using proprietary AI/ML software to brand growth though organic, new product launches, M&A, and social media
  • NinjaInfluence +/- $5 million – streamlines influencer marketing and the lead generation process
Helping Great Companies Grow
Helping Great Companies Grow

Overview – TCM

TCM is seeking +/-$104 million (equity and debt refinancing) to purchase and develop additional eCommerce businesses in the U.S, Europe, and Australia. Technology-based company specializing in AI, ML, and big data.

  • Proven track record acquiring and optimizing the business performance of “Digital Assets” (eCommerce stores that operate on online marketplaces)
    • top ten fastest growing companies in Israel, as ranked by Globes and Statista
    • manages over 27 eStores and a warehoue in China – generated revenues of $45.4 million in 2021
  • Ripe pipeline of eStore acquisition candidates – over 6 million active unique Amazon third-party sellers worldwide (about half in North America) – over 10 million Amazon third-party sellers on multiple platforms
  • Management team has extensive experience in store development, management and marketing of eCommerce, online trading, and technology-based businesses
Helping Great Companies Grow


eCommerce has changed the nature of retail – representing a paradigm shift in consumers behavior

  • Consumers have rapidly embraced buying online compared to visiting traditional brick-and-mortar stores
  • COVID-19 pandemic accelerated online demand
  • Unprecedented choice – no geographical boundaries and highly competitive prices

Research by PwC indicates that 52% of all shoppers make an online purchase at least once a month, and 33% make an online purchase on their cell phone at least once a month

Helping Great Companies Grow

Huge Global eCommerce Market

Global eCommerce sales are projected to near $5 trillion in 2021E from $2.4 trillion in 2017 – about 18% of global retail sales in 2021E

  • Aided by rapid growth in internet, broadband penetration, and mobile-commerce
  • Wider reach projected reflecting faster broadband speeds from cell phones, NBN and 5G networks

Ripe pipeline of eStore acquisition candidates – over 6 million active unique Amazon third-party sellers worldwide (about half in North America) – over 10 million Amazon third-party sellers on multiple platforms

Private label products are typically owned and produced by a single store versus branded products that are typically carried through a variety of shops and online eStores

  • Retailers and eStore owners are investing in private labels to differentiate, meet consumer demand and expand margins
  • Private label products generated about $77.8 billion of U.S. sales in 2020 (19.5% of total U.S. retail sales)
Helping Great Companies Grow

Private Labels – Attractive Options for SMEs in Competitive Market

Helping Great Companies Grow

Symbiotic Relationship – Online Marketing and Digital Assets

Digital Assets are eCommerce stores (“eStores”) that operate on online marketplaces such as Amazon, Shopify, and eBay

  • Allows eStore owners to outsource all aspects of the business so they can focus on growing their business
  • Allows consumers to purchase products from several Digital Assets through their preferred online marketplace in a single transaction

For a reasonable cost, online marketplaces help eStore owners develop and expand by providing large existing customer networks in local, regional, and international markets

  • Digital and technical capabilities – business services, expertise in design, manufacturing, warehousing, payment, fulfilment/delivery
Helping Great Companies Grow

Solution/Strategy – TCM

TCM uses its proprietary AI-driven technology to identify, buy, manage, and develop eCommerce growth opportunities

  • Proven track record of acquiring and optimizing the performance of Digital Assets
  • Manages over 27 eStores and a warehouse in China
  • 39 U.S. and 6 international brand trademarks
  • Team of 170 employees across Israel, the U.S., Mexico, Philippines, Romania and elsewhere (Middle East, Eastern Europe, SE Asia)
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TCM – Our Customers Love Our Brands

Note – Vino Bravo also holds the Sterkkmann brand

Helping Great Companies Grow

TCM – Competitive Advantages

TCM team has deep expertise in eStore business development, management, and acquisition

  • TCM has extensive actual experience – started out as a store establisher and manager

TCM uses it proprietary AI/ML technology to analyze real time data to identify, buy, manage, and develop eCommerce growth opportunities – acquisition and business development tools

  • Evaluate targets and launch high growth business development
  • Optimize inventory management
  • Product earnings forecast and segment/eStore valuation
  • Improve existing products alongside launch of new products
  • Optimize advertising campaigns and reduce costs
  • NinjaInfluence – SaaS-based influencer marketing tool builds brand relationships
  • Unique interface – eStore owners can monitor stores’ performance at any time using any device

Wishful Market – TCM’s trading platform

TCM Academy – eStore managers learn how to lead a product idea to a successful global brand

Big Dreamers Foundation – social entrepreneurship project provided to people in all communities

Helping Great Companies Grow

TCM – In the News

Helping Great Companies Grow


Gabi Bar

Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer

Over 15 years of experience in online trading and expertise in eCommerce, data and systems analysis, and AI. In 2016, co-founded T.C.M. International Trade Ltd. Before joining TCM Digital, owned and managed Delos – SPA and Retreat resort. Previously served as General Manager for Sgroup, an online advertising technology agency; Branch Manager for SEE – Financial Solutions; and an Officer for QLiQ, an online eCommerce advertising agency. MBA and BA in International Economics from California State University.

Shani Bar

Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer

Over 12 years of experience in digital marketing, sales, and recruitment with expertise in the management of structural organizations and integration to core values. In 2016, co-founded T.C.M International Trade Ltd. Before joining TCM Digital, provided SEO and media marketing advice to firms. Previously served as Manager – Pensions and Investments at Prisma Investment House, and Customer Relations and Sales Manager for a financial services firm. BA in Marketing and Finance from Open University.

Gil Korneff, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Over 18 years of expertise in financial management and employee management. Consultant to businesses in Israel and abroad. Since 2021, CFO at T.C.M International Trade Ltd. From 2003 to 2020, CFO and Business Development Director at Optimum Finance. Past Finance Manager at Profimex, a private equity firm; and CFO and Country Manager at Ofer Brothers Group. Previously served in the Elite Israeli Defense Forces infantry unit. BA in Business Administration from the College of Management.

Golan Manor

Chief Technology Officer

Over 25 years of executive experience in marketing, research, and development within the high-tech and start-up industry. Over ten years of experience in online trading. CFO at T.C.M. International Trade Ltd.; previously served as Senior Vice President Operations. Past Evangelist and Business Development at TMRG Voice Solutions LTD. Owner of eCommerce Power. International Sales and Marketing Manager at Instant Visibility; Sales Manager at Innovative Cosmetics; Partner at Asia Business Gateway; Executive Vice President – Product Strategy for ExPlay Japan; Vice President – Technical Marketing at Terayon Communications Systems. Provided product strategy and business development advice to international technology and telecommunication firms. Previously served in the Israeli Defense Forces R&D. BS in Electrical Engineering from Tel Aviv University.


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