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Metals Manufacturing


$240 Million

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Senior Debt

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Our client is seeking $225 million of senior and subordinated debt (75% Loan to Cost) and $15 million preferred equity to develop a steel mill in Texas

$60 million of equity will be invested by our client

Plant will have manufacturing capacity of 350 Kilotons of construction rebar steel

Highly efficient, electric arc furnace to heat recycled scrap metals using climate friendly green steel production methods with significant reductions in electricity requirements and carbon

The U.S. steel rebar market was estimated at 7,036 kilotons in 2020 and is expected to reach 10,956 kilotons in 2028



US is the world’s largest net importer of steel, importing 7,036 kilotons in 2020, despite 25% tariffs on imports

US is also the world’s largest ferrous scrap producer, exporting 16,874 kilotons in 2020 – given the price spread, scrap can very profitably be converted to steel

Global steel rebar market was valued at $215 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $354 billion in 2028

Bipartisan approval of $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill has created positive catalysts/increased demand among material suppliers (including rebar) for construction of bridges, railways, roads, airports and ports


Plan to develop five steel mills in the US. The first will be in Texas, and produce 350 kilotons of rebar construction steel by consuming 403 kilotons of locally produced scrap

MOU in place for 100% supply of 450 kilotons of steel scrap needed for the plant

100% off-take agreements under negotiation: in conversation with several large US steel trading firms for off-take of its rebar

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