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  • The Intelligence Community Inc. (“TIC”) manages a network of defense and security experts seeking contracting assignments
    • largest network of its kind – over 100,000 highly skilled and vetted members
    • disrupting the traditional, inefficient models of defense and intelligence contracting
    • highly specialized teams can be assembled on-demand to provide mission critical security and intelligence services to the public and private sectors
    • can act as a primary or secondary contractor or assemble teams for other contractors
  • The market for knowledge-based security services is large and growing
    • US Government spends over $70 billion annually on defense and intelligence services
    • global public and private demand exceeds $240 billion to ensure military-grade protection of complex infrastructure, among many other things
  • Seeking $10 million of equity
    • enhance current business partnerships
    • operations staff, proposal writers and analysts, program managers, and business development
    • enhance compliance with government rules and regulations, leveraging innovation incentive programs
  • Senior leadership includes well-respected defense and intelligence authorities
    • CEO, Graham Plaster, US Naval Academy graduate
    • CSO, Kurt Marisa, Colonel, USAF (Ret)
    • Advisor, Paul Becker, Rear Admiral, USN (Ret) and CEO
      of The Becker Group
Helping Great Companies Grow


  • US government, military and intelligence officials and law enforcement authorities need to modernize procurement processes
    • constantly evolving threats to safety and security require rapid and creative new responses
    • legacy contractors are inefficient, maintaining large underemployed staffs ready for deployment – their bloated expenses are passed through to clients
  • The private sector increasingly needs military-grade intelligence services
    • cybersecurity
    • corporate espionage
    • business and financial intelligence
  • Decentralized small business talent communities provide more flexible and cost-effective solutions than large corporate contractors
    • teams with highly specialized expertise can be rapidly assembled to provide customized solutions
    • streamlined deployment of personnel and resources
    • efficient fee-for-service hiring
    • diversification of suppliers away from small, highly concentrated group of large contractors
  • Information management specialties in particular (open source intelligence, marketing, public relations, analysis, etc.) are expected to become more valuable as the volume and velocity of information flow rises
  • TIC has several market tested on-demand B2B services which can be scaled to meet the coming demand
Helping Great Companies Grow


  • TIC offers a far more efficient alternative to traditional defense and intelligence contracting
  • On-demand culture is gaining traction in the public and private sectors
    • enables competition with traditional models of defense and intelligence contracting
    • TIC’s network of world-class talent makes the costly retainer model obsolete
    • allows for scaling rapidly while staying lean

Core Revenue Streams

  • service contracts with government and large private sector clients: TIC is in the federal business registry and was a subcontracted partner to Amazon Web Services and IBM in a highly competitive bid at the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency. Preferred subcontractor at DIA with two companies, one large (CSRA) and one small (Intrepid) for the E-SITE IDIQ – a high dollar contract vehicle for bringing new IT capabilities into the Defense Intelligence Community. TIC’s will also bring its contracted services to meet the security and intelligence needs of the private sector.
  • open source intelligence: TIC launched the open source news service called “The Source”  Can provide a team of analysts to monitor real time threats and create reports or advisory services around geographic locations or events
  • staffing: TIC has three paying clients for staffing services and has received frequent requests for information from potential new clients. Contracts can be structured as hourly, referral or advertising packages.  Maintains an online freelance marketplace – allows defense and intelligence freelancers to be discovered for on-demand work opportunities.
Helping Great Companies Grow


Graham Plaster


  • 15 years’ experience in national security, advising senior intelligence and department of defense leadership on social media, diplomacy,  strategic communications, and innovation programs

Kurt Marisa


  • former Deputy Director in the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence
  • career intelligence officer, Military Attaché to Saudi Arabia, Air Attaché to the Kingdom of Denmark and Greenland, and Defense Attaché to Suriname
  • President of the Foreign Area Officer Association


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