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Helping Great Companies Grow


  • The Intelligence Community Inc. (“TIC”) is a specialized online network of security experts focused on winning defense contracts and accelerating government access to cutting edge technology.
    • rapidly growing government referral network for sourcing solutions in machine learning, big data, drones, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cyber-security
    • largest network of its kind – over 100,000 highly skilled and vetted members in the defense and intelligence sector (30% with security clearance)
    • disrupting the traditional, inefficient models of defense contracting, enabling lean small businesses to compete by surrounding them in a cloud of talent and resources
Helping Great Companies Grow


  • The model for government acquisition is ripe for disruption
    • large companies have to carry too much overhead in order to win contracts
    • small companies don’t have the necessary talent pool to win or perform on contracts
    • contracting process is long and eliminates innovative companies before they have the chance
      to offer critical products and services
  • The private sector increasingly needs military-grade intelligence services
    • cybersecurity
    • corporate espionage
    • business and financial intelligence
    • open source intelligence
    • crowdsourced intelligence
  • Niche online talent “communities” provide more flexible and cost-effective solutions than large traditional contractors
    • teams of highly specialized expertise can be rapidly assembled to provide customized solutions
    • streamlined deployment of personnel and resources
    • efficient fee-for-service hiring
    • diversification of suppliers away from small, highly concentrated group of large contractors
  • Information management specialties in particular (open source intelligence, marketing, public relations, analysis, etc.) are expected to become much more valuable over time
Helping Great Companies Grow


On-demand services are trending in both public and private sectors

  • enables competition with traditional models of defense and intelligence contracting
  • TIC’s network of world-class talent makes the costly retainer model obsolete
  • allows for scaling rapidly while staying lean

The Defense / Intel Network is a highly skilled, loyal on-demand, data-rich talent pool of 100k+ professionals that enables:

  • Lower costs of human resources acquisition and maintenance-> higher EBITDA margins
  • Increased government contract bid success rates (available experts is a key metric) -> increased revenue at par contract capture cost
  • AI/Machine learning-based matching of people with contracts -> reduction of cost of contract capture
  • Increased tempo and accuracy of trends & innovation discovery, technology acquisition and teaming opportunities -> increased revenue
Helping Great Companies Grow


Graham Plaster


  • 15 years’ experience in national security, advising senior intelligence and department of defense leadership on social media, diplomacy,  strategic communications, and innovation programs

Kurt Marisa


  • former Deputy Director in the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence
  • career intelligence officer, Military Attaché to Saudi Arabia, Air Attaché to the Kingdom of Denmark and Greenland, and Defense Attaché to Suriname
  • President of the Foreign Area Officer Association


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