Real Estate Development Related to the Commuter Rail Project


Financial Services/Infrastructure

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Real Estate


Milwaukee, Wisconsin


+/-$1.07 billion

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Equity, Senior Debt, Mezzanine debt

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Transit Innovations, LLC (“Transit”) subsidiary, Transit Oriented Development (“TOD”), will develop and manage several real estate projects adjacent to train stations in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin metro area

Phase 1: +/- $237 million project

Pending necessary approvals, targeted by July 2020 Democratic National Convention

  • Developments located in Opportunity Zones adjacent to four train stations

Entire Project: +/- $1.07 billion real estate project

  • Developments adjacent to 24 train stations

Project is well-advanced:

  • Transit has secured community and business support from local / state governments; operational and development plans in place; and properties have been identified for stations and adjacent real estate developments
  • Privately funded, possibly in conjunction with public funding, such as tax credits, Tax Incremental Financing (TIDS), grants and loans
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Milwaukee is the largest city in Wisconsin, the fifth largest city in the Midwestern U.S. and the 31st largest city in the US

  • Milwaukee lacks a comprehensive transportation solution – no commuter rail or cohesive public transportation system to connect the public to their jobs or major events
  • Strong demand for housing, office, retail, and hotels near commuter rail stations
  • Significant public benefits
    • Reduced land use and reduced highway congestion
    • Economic development, job creation and connectivity with large job centers, universities, hospitals and events
    • Reduced fuel consumption, reduced automobile emissions and greenhouse gas emissions
    • Transportation affordability
    • Promotes “Smart City” principles and development guidelines
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  • Transit, along with Bombardier Transportation as the rail operator, is developing E-Way, an innovative commuter rail transit system and adjacent real estate development for the greater Milwaukee area
  • Approximately 70% of capital will be used to develop the real estate surrounding the stations – significant demand for transit oriented development (multifamily, office, hotel and retail)
  • Supported by state and local governments, business communities and advocacy groups to create new jobs in the Milwaukee area
  • Favorable political climate – Republicans and Democrats aligned in support of the project
  • Bombardier Transportation will be the rail operator, providing key services such as Last-Mile connection, ticketing, carrier negotiations and rail operations consulting
  • Negotiations with Canadian Pacific and Union Pacific rail carriers to lease their tracks
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Brian Kliesmet


34 years of experience in master planning and real estate development throughout the country. Executed both strategic economic development plans and public/private partnerships as a consultant to developers and cities. As a private developer, built over $100 million of mixed-use and hotel developments throughout Wisconsin. Specifically, his work in both the private and public sectors in downtown Milwaukee equipped him to lead the MPRC Team as CEO. As company founder, led project coordination with WiDOT, Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission, all Station Community Mayors and Plan Commissions, and Union and Canadian Pacific Railroads to achieve consensus to implement this project. Led negotiations with WHEDA, has begun early positioning for TOD to acquire all station real estate while negotiating favorable Tax Increment Financing Districts and access to New Market Tax Credits with station communities. Working closely with community banks, private investors and other State and Federal agencies, such as DNR, MMSD, FTA, FRA in preparation of launching the project.

Greg Dugan


40 years of experience helping businesses both large and small to develop their sales, marketing and operations. Partner in a private capital firm and founding member of the CEO OPEN Forum with the Waukesha Business Alliance, is a founding member of WESA, Inc. a world-wide power and water marketing, engineering and construction consortium. Founding member of WEB International, a private equity firm specializing in the funding and coordination of infrastructure projects specifically in the areas of transportation, renewable energy, water desalination and power distribution. Brings solid financial investors to the project and manages risk reduction and monitors the increase for future financial success. Management/operational philosophy covers a solid strategy to succeed while overseeing operational plans, contingency planning, and doing right by the investor and success of the project.

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