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UangTeman is an award-winning pioneer of digital microlending in Indonesia, with 14 branches in key cities across the country. Digital Alpha Group Pte Ltd, located in Singapore, owns 100% of UangTeman. Indonesia’s first micro lending platform targeting credit worthy consumers and Micro SME’s with loans between USD100 and USD800 (average loan size is USD150) with 10 to 70 day terms.

Seeking $5.8 million of equity and/or up to $20 million in debt to expand consumer loan book and capture growth opportunities.

  • About USD16m Invested to date by sophisticated investors such as Alpha JWC, Draper Associates, Global Brains Japan etc.
  • Sophisticated Credit Risk Management Systems with Credit Risk Insurance of up to 85% coverage on defaults
  • Non-performing loan rates <5%
  • High Yield Environment – 24% coupon per annum on debt from investor
  • Tremendous emerging markets potential in Indonesia with a GDP of USD1 trillion (16th largest in the world) and more than 5% year on year GDP growth for the past 20 years. Annual USD73 billion shortfall propped by domestic loans
  • Existing customer base of over 82,000
  • Projecting USD100m loan disbursement/churn per annum
  • Led by strong, experienced management team in Indonesian fintech lending
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  • Tremendous emerging markets potential in Indonesia with a GDP of USD1 trillion (16th largest in the world)
  • 5% year on year GDP growth for the past 20 years (Fastest growing in South East Asia only behind Myanmar)
  • High Yield Environment – with interest rates levied up licensed lenders of between 15 to 18% per month and unlicensed lenders exceeding interest rates of 20% per month
  • 4th Largest Population in the world with about 273 million people growing steadily at 1%, 55% of its population living in cities, 60% at working age (71% do not have access to licensed credit providers)
  • Micro enterprises take up 98% of the total registered businesses in Indonesia (74% do not have access to Credit)

Net Borrowing

  • Huge untapped market: $73 billion loan shortfall yearly
  • Financial technology penetration in Indonesia is ripe as mobile phone users have now reached 189 million (73%)
  • Potential Addressable Market: more than 143 million informal and formal borrowers
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Growth/ Increasing Market Share

  • Increasing Loan book with a potential for efficient scale up subject to capital availability
  • Ready existing credit worthy clientele


Increasing Profitability

  • Lowering Customer Acquisition costs
  • Wholesale Business Development Strategy
  • Lowering Cost of Funds (Currently up to 4% per month)
Helping Great Companies Grow


Aidil Zulkifli

Chief Executive Officer


First fintech startup, / was acquired in 2014. Experiences Singapore qualified lawyer. Responsibilities include operational, fundraising, and management.

M. Paskalis Lingga

Deputy CEO / COO


A seasoned banker with a demonstrated history of working in the conventional banking and Shariah Banking or Islamic Banking in global banks and national banks for 29+ years. Skilled in bank operation and services, project management, internal audit, Indonesian overseas workers (IOW) financing business & remittance, payment systems, credit and debit cards.

Andre Pratama

Chief Technology Officer


10+ years of experience in IT and product Management in the service industry. Skilled in PHP, Test Automation, Web Design, Management, and HTML. Responsible for revamping UangTeman’s loan management system to be more process-efficient and capable of higher throughput.

Marcel Luciano

Chief Human Capital Officer



15+ years in human capital management in private and listed companies such as PT SMART Tbk. Strong industrial relations experience. Human capital and general affairs responsibilities.


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