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$50 Million

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Objective: To seek attractive returns through investments in infrastructure and commodity  projects, and maximize value for LPs via co-investments

Target Fund Size: US$50 million

Term: 10 years – extendible by two years

Investment: Up to 4 years

Minimum Investment: $50,000 (GP may accept smaller investments at its sole discretion)

Fee Structure: 2% management fee, 20% carried interest

Legal Advisor: Alston & Bird LLP

Accounting and Audit: Grant Thornton



Access to projects too small for bigger funds allows us to create a portfolio of high-quality assets

Existing infrastructure assets supported by long-term contracts in areas such as, but not limited to:

Power generation and distribution – such as small-scale hydro and solar power plants

Storage and transportation of energy and other commodities

Technological innovations aimed at improving the production and distribution of commodities

Energy distribution, transmission, and storage assets

Company will look to maintain control of operating assets

The position will be structured to support current and expanded operations while not weighing down balance sheets and draining cash flow

Keep staff’s skin-in-the-game with performance-based bonuses

Incentives provide for superior efforts driven by cash and stock rewards

Investments through preferred stock, convertibles, or bond structures to provide operational flexibility

Board seats for any positions larger than 3% of fund




Several “run-of-the-river” plants that have been operating for decades

Capex to improve or replace existing infrastructure, oft-neglected by owner-operator

Some plants in FERC relicensing give upside potential from adding experienced operator

Potential to increase revenue from signing PPAs and net-metering agreements

Prior success increasing productivity, lowering costs and raising selling price at three New Hampshire dams

Moretown, VT Hydropower Dam

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