Series A funding round

Vässla is an e-bike subscription company seeking $15 million of growth equity capital

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Electrification, Sustainibility, Technology, Micromobility

Company Type

E-Bike Subscription and Retail


Stockholm, Sweden


$15 Million

Investment Type


Executive Summary

Unparalleled market opportunity

Market potential

€100 bn TAM by 2025 enabled by strong macro shift towards clean urban mobility.


Seamless and all-inclusive subscription service to onboard the next million e-bike riders.

Perfect timing

Netflix and Spotify have paved way for hardware subscription. A new paradigm is born.

Iconic product and a winning team

Unique positioning

First premium, affordable and all-inclusive e-bike subscription service.

World class user experience

Award winning e-bike, fully digital experience and hassle-free maintenance.

Winning team

Winning approached team with track record from Red Bull, Scrive, Charge Amps, Gorillas, amongst others.

Extraordinary execution

Strong revenues

+$5 mm in revenues in 2022 and +$15 m in revenues in total since the start.

Exciting unit economics

64% gross margin based on 36 months of hardware lifecycle.

Product market fit

Reached +500 subscriptions in just 6 m from launch in Paris. +5000 sold vehicles and +100 enterprise customers.

Performance Traction to Date

  • US$ 5 million revenue in 2022 with 60% YoY growth.
  • US$ +15 million in revenue in total since 2017.

Environmental Problem

Replacing a car with an e-bike for a short urban trip is a simple solution to a complex issue

  • 37% of all CO2-emissions comes from the Transport sector
  • 78% of the above comes from road traffic
  • 83% of all car trips are shorter than 15 miles (25 km)
  • All of which can be served by e-bikes
  • Replacing a car with an e-bike for a short urban trip will save 99.75% CO2-emissions
  • 13% of all new cars are electric
  • Lack of charging infrastructure, raw material shortage, supply chain turmoil and grid overload will slow down EV adoption for cars
  • Cities are being rebuilt for e-bikes at scale. Paris leads the way


Source: The Moving World mobility report by UP.Partners



Transport counts for 37% of all Co2-emissions

78% of the above comes from road bound traffic. 83% of all car trips are shorter than 15 miles (25 km)

Market Opportunity

An unparalleled market opportunity

E-bikes are already outselling EVs by a factor 5:1 and is expected to overtake total car sales in 2025



Our mission


Provide urban freedom with amazing e-bikes accessible to all


Vässla replace cars with e-bikes for short urban trips.

A simple solution to a complex problem.


Our value proposition


One product – three revenue streams


1.Direct to consumer sales -> cash flow

2.Subscription -> recurring revenue

3.Enterprise sales -> volume


Full customer flexibility

Monthly profitability during 2023 (full year 2024)


We have the right team to win

Rickard Bröms

Founder, CEO

Branding expert and entrepreneur with previous experience in Red Bull, Adidas, Hyundai etc

Magdalena Warding

Chief People and Operations Officer

People expert with experience in continuously working to strengthen the organization’s ability to execute on the corporate strategy and reach critical business goals.

Karl Nielsen

Chief Financial Officer

A business-oriented CFO with many years’ experience of various companies in the aviation, research industries and most lately Charge Amps.

Björn Matsson

Head of Supply chain and Production

+20 years leading and building Supply Chain Operations, processes, and multi-location teams in domestic and international organizations, in startups, and in organizations of +400 people & 100 MEUR.

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