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  • ViVi Holdings, Inc. is a proprietary financial ecosystem that provides financial services to the unbanked and underbanked
  • Seeking to raise $200 million to fund growth
  • Initially focused in Brazil and the US and expanding geographically
  • Owns the IP behind all of its products – has invested over $15 million in the development of its services and the establishment of its affiliate programs
  • Currently employs 240 people
  • Already in 2018 ViVi has signed revenue sharing partnership contracts with several organizations with millions of members
  • 2019 projected EBITDA: $125 million (related to signed contracts with affinity groups providing membership access to ViVi products)
  • Founders of ViVi have over 15 years of financial technology experience providing B2B IT development services to Global-100 banks
  • Signed contracts to market its products and services through affiliate organizations (sports teams, celebrity/athlete fan groups and churches with many millions of enthusiastic members) and corporate partners (major telecom companies and others)
    • ViViPAY B2C – fintech services: allows customers without bank accounts to have a digital wallet with bank-like services and a prepaid credit/debit card to make online or in store purchases, or set-up and make recurring payments
    • ViViPAY B2B – merchant services enables merchants in Brazil to receive payment from credit card charges in one to two days by paying ViVi a fee of 3.8% to 5%.  Currently merchants wait 30 days to be credited for credit card purchases
    • ViViBIZ – provides employers a credit/debit card to give to employees to obtain advances secured by their next salary payment
    • ViViMOBILE – mobile reseller in partnership with a major cellular phone provider with 279 million customers
    • ViViTECH – customized programming, app development, and APIs to banks and other financial institutions
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  • The unbanked and underbanked population in the US and LATAM (Latin America, Central America and Mexico) concentrated in the C, D and E credit customer segments constitutes over 50% of the total potential market for banking services
  • Unbanked consumers may purchase a prepaid debit card, but these debit cards cannot be used in LATAM for on-line purchases or to schedule and make recurring payments
  • LATAM banks and other financial institutions do not properly serve small and medium size merchants and social organizations and trust groups like sports teams and churches
  • 31% of adults worldwide do not have access to a bank account (source: New Global Findex)
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  • 2019 projected EBITDA: $125 million (related to signed contracts with affinity groups providing membership access to ViVi products)
  • ViVi has signed contracts and/or LOIs with private label partners and celebrity fan clubs in US & LATAM with over 375 million customers or members
    • Brazil popular soccer club – 32 million members – Signed contract
    • Major retail chain in Brazil – 966 stores and 9 million members – Signed contract
    • Church organization #1 in Brazil – 8.5 million members – Signed contract
    • Church organization #2 in Brazil – 3.2 million members – Signed contract
    • Direct sales organization in Brazil – 250,000 members – Signed contract
    • Major Latin America telecom company – over 250 million subscribers – Signed contract
    • Largest Brazilian soccer club – 42 million members – Signed LOI
    • Signed endorsement contracts with major sports personalities
  • Expand ViVi’s suite of fintech services for unbanked and underbanked consumers, small merchants and social organizations
  • Leverage ViVi’s technology, which was developed for major Brazilian-based banks and retail conglomerates
  • Utilize revenue sharing partnerships with organizations that have a large and loyal following, such as sports teams and churches, that are built on fundamental trust-chains to ensure fast deployment, low customer acquisition costs, and scalability
  • Ecosystem is powered by “ViVian”, a voice-enabled artificial intelligence platform using private blockchain technology
Helping Great Companies Grow


Dr. Marcelo Sant’Anna

Chairman of the Board

Executive and advisor specializing in the transformation of organizations using analytics and continuous improvement programs. Served at several global banks and industrial conglomerates where successfully streamlined and re-imagined key business processes in finance and technology innovation. As an entrepreneur, investment partner, and inventor has worked in diverse fields such as algorithmic trading, machine learning and computer vision. PhD (Suma Cum Laude) in Software Engineering from the Catholic University of Rio with Executive Studies in Economics at the MIT/Sloan School of Management. ACM researcher awardee.

Jose Ferreira

Chief Executive Officer

Senior executive in several multinationals with significant experience developing businesses.  In conjunction with governmental institutions, created the virtualization system processes in courts, which are still used as a reference in the Brazilian Judiciary. As an executive in a private investment fund, was responsible for the implementation and operation of companies acquired abroad, including all phases of development. Focuses on structuring new businesses, procedures, controls, and human resources. Studied Economics at Mackenzie institute, specializing in human behavior (Professional Profiler). Certified coach with the ICI – Professional Association Coaching Institute. Received the title of Commander by Sociedade Brasileira de Integração e Educação for his immeasurable services provided to society.


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