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  • Insulated Wall Holdings, LLC (Wally Walls) is seeking +/- $16 million of equity to expand operations to meet sales for their lightweight, energy efficient wall systems
  • Acquired assets of UltraFrame Wall System in 2015 from Transcon Steel in Texas; 15 employees
  • 2016 revenue: $250,000; 2017 revenue: $1.35 million; 2018 expected revenue: $3.8 million (detailed financials available upon request)
  • Improves the market’s current traditional building process
  • Delivers highly-efficient (lower energy use) commercial and residential structures
  • Aligned with “Green Building” initiatives and incentives
  • Wally Walls performs design assist services, sales, product development and manufacturing all under one roof
  • Quality product and second-to-none customer service
  • International Building Code (IBC) now requires commercial walls to meet strict thermal standards – Wally Walls far exceeds such standards
  • While the Code is applicable to commercial development, residential changes are also evolving with the implementation of Home Energy Rating System (“HERS”) for energy efficiency calculations, translating to lower costs for mortgages and potential tax rebates
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  • Off-site modular construction is significantly expanding, allowing buildings to be completed at a fraction of the cost
  • Structurally insulated modular walls attract a significant share of the market, permitting projects to be completed in a timely manner and perform better over throughout the life of the development.
  • Framing a building’s envelope represents the single largest cost of any project – its design greatly impacts project cost, speed to market, and energy consumption
  • With rising costs, a shrinking labor pool, and stricter energy and fire codes, meeting the demands of cost effective, high quality construction is challenging
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  • The Ultraframe® Building System allows Wally to design and construct energy efficient structural buildings.
  • Design Assist: Wally does more than just ship walls to the site. Wally’s’ team of light gauge framing engineers works with the project’s engineer to design the most cost effective, energy efficient design. Because form follows function, better design results in better construction and better buildings.
  • Speed to Market: Wally provides a system that cuts framing time and labor costs by 50%. The modular, insulated walls makes framing as simple as building with Leggo blocks.
  • Energy Efficiency: Our 6” wall has an R-Value Factor of 31.8 that does not degrade over time, meeting building codes and saving cost. This also means a reduction in up-front equipment costs for heating and cooling.
  • Reliability: Light gauge framing is an industry standard, allowing Wally to build up to 7 stories without the need for heavy gauge steel. Long term energy efficiency savings stems from Wally’s use of the best closed cell EPS available.
  • Value: Because the walls are conventionally designed and framed, material costs are in line with field built stick framed construction. However, field installation costs are significantly reduced, site waste disappears, and the building is constructed ahead of schedule.
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David Wallach


Developer with combined 20+ years of real estate law practice experience with $300 million of urban infill real estate development experience. Seeking to expand the company’s product line in order to make Wally Walls the pre-eminent solution for 21st century energy codes and cost effective, efficient, construction methodology. Developed more than $200 million of urban infill projects in Chicago and Arizona, including energy efficient homes and mid-rise/high-rise mixed use (residential and retail) properties. Acted as a principal in general contracting, subcontracting, and manufacturing companies. Skilled in manufacturing, real estate, zoning, general contracting and finance. Kent College of Law, Chicago – J.D. and Indiana University – B.A.

Michael O’Mara

Chief of Production

29 years actively framing light gauge structures in New York and Chicago. Participated in more than $500 million of construction. Oversees the Kenosha manufacturing facility, which includes all production, material ordering and design assist services. Extensive field experience is invaluable to customers in the design stage, as well as experience with troubleshooting field issues.


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