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Weiss Analytics is seeking $3 million to grow its real estate technology platform providing automated individual house valuations, and housing valuation data that has the ability to forecast market turns up to one year ahead of the Case-Shiller Index.

-Allan Weiss, the founder and CEO of Weiss Analytics, co-founded Case Shiller Weiss (producer of the S&P Case-Shiller index) and served as CEO from inception to its sale to Fiserv in 2002

-Weiss Analytics produces automated individual house valuations, based on our proprietary indexes, multiple AI models, and additional AI when property photos are available. 

-Weiss Analytics believes it has valuation accuracies that gives it the potential to garner 15-20% of the current $100MM annual US AVM market.



  • The US housing market is the largest and most inefficient market in the world: $40 trillion in assets that customers have difficulty pricing accurately
  • US Financial Institutions face growing residential property value risk
  • Lenders
  • Property Insurance Cos
  • Investors
  • Realtors and Consumers
  • Financial Institutions are managing risk by supplementing appraisals with fully automated valuations and AI driven workbench tools for appraisers and analysts

Competitive Advantange

The fuel of all property valuations are past prices

Past prices must be adjusted to the present with a time adjustment

Weiss Analytics’ indexes produce more accurate time adjustments for all comparable sales (comps) and allow for effective use of older comps, resulting in:

Increased number of comps
+ Higher quality (more similar) comps, and
+ The use of prior sales of the subject house as a comp
= More accurate valuations

Meet Our Team

Allan Weiss, CEO

  • Founder and CEO of Weiss Analytics and architect of its proprietary house-specific indexes, forecasts, and patented dynamic maps
  • Co-founder of Case Shiller Weiss, producer of the S&P Case-Shiller index, serving as CEO from inception to its sale to Fiserv in 2002
  • Co-inventor, together with Nobel Prize winner Robert Shiller, of patented Macro Securities, which enables exchange-traded investments in price-indexed commodities, reaching over $1b in crude oil Macro Securities while traded on the New York Stock Exchange
  • Awarded several patents and co-authored numerous academic papers on home price indexing, use of indexes in financial products, and accuracy testing of valuation methods
  • Received a Bachelor of Arts in computer science and physics from Brandeis University and a Master of Public and Private Management from Yale University

Lester Firstenberger, Chief Operating Officer

  • Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel of Weiss Analytics. Responsible for Strategic Sales, Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Development, Legal, and Human Resources
  • Recognized nationally as a regulatory attorney and expert in consumer finance, securitization, mortgage, and banking law. Represented the interests of numerous financial institutions in securitization and other transactions valued in excess of $1Trillion in a variety of capacities over the past 30 years
  • Appointed to and served a three-year term as a member of the Congressionally created Consumer Advisory Council of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System in Washington, DC
  • Has extensive governmental relations experience in the US and Canada at the federal, state , and provincial levels
  • Co-founded several FinTechs that relate to mortgage banking, digital identity, and data privacy
  • Previous CEO of AiCurio Technology Solutions, which developed the first and only commercially available deep – learning artificial neural net cash flow underwriting engine for US Residential Mortgages
  • BA in Political Science from The Ohio State University, JD from The University of Toledo College of Law where he was a Member of the Law Review and LL.M. Master in Banking Law degree from Boston University

Christopher Kelly, Executive Vice President, CFO & Treasurer

  • Executive Vice President, CFO & Treasurer of Weiss Analytics and is responsible for managing the company’s finance & budgeting, executive task management, business operations, pricing, and sales management activities.
  • Senior Financial Services Executive who has specialized in mortgage banking for over 35 years.
  • Acquired experience in effectively all aspects of the residential mortgage banking business has been acquired.
  • Started his career as an accountant and worked his way up through various positions
  • Successful in starting new divisions and growing existing platforms and companies. Also, has extensive experience in originations, operations, finance, asset management, and servicing
  • Served as the President & CEO of a HUD/Ginnie Mae Multifamily and Healthcare lender. Previously served as the Chief Operating Officer of a top-ten residential mortgage lender and has extensive Board experience, serving on the Boards of five institutions
  • Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of The Clinic and does philanthropic work including serving as the, Nonprofit Medical Clinic for the uninsured, for the last 6 years
  • Former Member of the Affordable Housing Council of Phoenixville, PA. B.S.B.A. in Accounting from Shippensburg University

Shamshad (Sam) Ansari, Senior Data Science Advisor

  • Senior Data Science Advisor to Weiss Analytics
  • Working with WA’s data science team, and provides key inputs on the use of neural networks and other machine learning approaches as WA integrates new data types into its product architecture
  • An author, inventor, and thought leader in the fields of computer vision, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cognitive science
  • Currently serves as an Adjunct Professor at George Mason University, teaching graduate-level programs within the Data Analytics Engineering department of the Volgenau School of Engineering
  • The book, titled “Building Computer Vision Applications Using Artificial Neural Networks,” received recognition as one of the top 10 books written on computer vision by
  • Involved with several early-state companies, building tech teams, and contributing to their acquisition by larger organizations
  • Founder and CEO of Accure, Inc., offering Momentum AI, a no-code platform that encompasses data engineering, machine learning, AI, MLOps, data warehousing, and business intelligence
  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering from Birsa Institute of Technology (BIT) Sindri and subsequently a Master’s degree from the Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management Kerala (IIITM-K)

Crystal “CJ” Chenoweth – Chief Technical Officer

  • Chief Technical Officer at Weiss Residential Research and responsible for Research and Development and Core Product Development
  • Overseas WA’s data science team, deploying a range of machine learning techniques such as neural networks to build WA’s products
  • Played a major role in bringing WA house – specific indexes, forecasts, and valuation analytics from concept to fully functioning commercially viable solutions
  • Continues to contribute major new ideas to improve products and is key in devising optimal paths to implement her approaches and those originated by others
  • Director of Software Development for Sungard Trading and Risk prior to Weiss Residential Research
  • Instrumental in developing risk management software for retail banks investing in CMOs at SunGard. The model included advanced prepayment modeling and Value at Risk performed in a distributed computing environment
  • Computer science degree from Wellesley College

Michael Dawson – Lead Data Scientist

  • Lead data scientist at Weiss Residential Research
  • Responsible for algorithm development, machine learning model training, model testing , and data wrangling
  • With the combination of expertise in math, residential real estate, data wrangling, and machine learning to build and refine WA’s products
  • Instrumental in the design and development of Valpro WA’s leading AVM.
  • Designed several valuation algorithms for Valpro. These algorithms leverage a wide variety of techniques including K-nearest neighbor, gradient boosting, classification trees, and regression
  • Made major contributions to the development of condition – adjusted ValPro(AVV). WA uses condition scores from photo analysis, market data, and a WA – trained Neural Networks to produce AVV
  • Done data analysis and model design for bespoke projects related to distressed discounts, rental properties, and loan portfolio matching
  • BS in mathematics from MIT and Masters in mathematics from the University of Chicago.

Thomas Lee – Managing Director of Product

  • Director of Operations, Fulfillment at Weiss Analytics, and responsible for Operational Fulfillment, Daily Customer Relations, and a vital part in developing our product content
  • Originally from Seattle, Washington.
  • Former 20-year software engineer with a passion for all things real estate.
  • Has lived in Phoenix, Arizona since 2001 and has established himself as a respected figure in the industry. With extensive experience as a licensed contractor, wholesaler, land developer, and fix-and-flip investor, versatility in various real estate projects has been demonstrated
  • Currently a Managing Director for Weiss Analytics – in addition to his entrepreneurial ventures
  • Founder and CEO of, which closed hundreds of real estate transactions valued at over $200 million

Mark Chapman – Senior Appraiser Advisor

  • Senior Appraiser Advisor to Weiss Analytics
  • Working with WA’s management team, provides key knowledge of the appraisal industry to assist in the evolution of the company’s products and in the development of new products
  • A seasoned professional in the residential real estate appraisal and collateral valuation industry with three decades of experience with the mission of providing exceptional service and value to clients and stakeholders alike
  • An entrepreneur that established his own appraisal company in 1999, founded an Appraisal Management Company named SouthEastern Evaluation in 2009, which he subsequently sold in 2021 after 13 years in business
  • Acquired an insurance brokerage in 2019 to further expand his entrepreneurial spirit
  • Currently, a member of the South Carolina Appraisal Board, where he shares his three decades of knowledge to contribute to the industry’s growth and regulation
  • Mark has enjoyed adapting to the ever-evolving real estate valuation industry and seizes and shares new opportunities as they arise

Jason Forbes – Operations Lead

  • Manages the ongoing data generation processes at Weiss Residential Research
  • Runs the processes that generate 90+ million house – specific indexes monthly, the 90+ million valuations biweekly, and the weekly national, regional, and metro – level market analysis
  • Has creative problem-solving skills and broad knowledge to ensure WA makes the best use of resources
  • Accomplishments include optimizing database design and creating PowerShell scripts to automate tasks
  • Improved WA’s overall process by adding automation and data verification, contributing to higher quality and faster runtimes
  • Information Technology degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)
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