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Helping Great Companies Grow


  • WiseAlpha Technologies is seeking $50+/- million to scale its online corporate debt market and robo-manager product globally and transitioning to a content driven, high technology (blockchain) universal leveraged finance bank (and liquid marketplace)
  • founded in 2014; located in London; launched/regulatory approval end of 2016
  • over £11m (from over 1,000 individual investors) has been invested in over 65 different opportunities included well-known companies such as AT&T, Travelodge, AMC, Virgin, The AA and Netflix, etc.
  • £2.5m has been invested to date to develop the platform, fund staff costs, professional and regulatory costs and fund initial marketing
  • Only regulated online UK (and in the world) marketplace for all types/sizes of investors
  • WiseAlpha has not had a single default loss to date and expects this to be the case in the medium term until a recession, significantly outperforming Peer-to-Peer lending platforms
  • Recently won Best Investments Provider at the UK Banking awards despite being by far the smallest and earliest stage firm included in the nominations for all categories
  • Experienced management team
Helping Great Companies Grow


  • The corporate loan and bond markets have remained largely untransformed by technological innovation with limited access to the mass market
  • Investments in senior secured and high yield corporate debt are typically only available to very large banks, pension funds and specialist funds
  • In order to gain single name access to this asset class individual investors usually have to use brokers and/or invest in specialist debt funds
  • Often charged substantial upfront fees and ongoing management and performance fees
  • Tech based strategy can achieve substantial scale
    • release automated investing (Robo manager) , SIPP and ISA accounts, repeated payments
    • API based integrations with digital banks and other Fintech platforms
    • high consumer technology UX should revolutionise the way the bond market works (mainly Bloomberg runs/chats and phone sales)
    • build automated institutional portal with high bar credit analytics
Helping Great Companies Grow


  • WiseAlpha is the only regulated online UK marketplace for all investor types and sizes to access the institutional corporate bond market
    • developing a new age online syndication model and retail (and institutional) marketplace
    • uses financial technology to cut costs and provide access to the institutional debt markets to all investors
  • Robust credit selection process
    • research and evaluation
    • capital structure analysis
    • sourcing from banks and sponsors (PE owners and corporate owners)
    • active portfolio management and monitoring
  • Diversified product offerings
    • coupons 4-11%
    • floating and fixed rate
    • senior secured and unsecured high yield
  • Low correlation to other asset classes
  • May enhance the model to build a balance sheet and add product bundles across the corporate space (private equity, real estate, direct lending, peer-to-corporate)
  • Management sees enormous value in other cash rich corporates, pension funds and individuals lending directly to corporates at a lower cost – disintermediating global investment banks and debt fund community
Helping Great Companies Grow




  • M&A and Leveraged finance teams at Deutsche Bank helping to structure some of the largest European corporate loans such as Virgin Media
  • Alpstar, a multi-billion euro hedge fund investing in senior secured  loans, high yield bonds, credit derivatives, structured credit, equity and  distressed debt
  • Board director and strategic advisor to Tele Columbus, a EUR1bn Cable TV business
  • BA in Economics from Queens’ College University of Cambridge and Part II in Management from the Judge Institute at Cambridge University



  • Spent six  years building custom applications for multinationals including HSBC, Deutsche Bank and  ANZ
  • In 2012 he founded a digital agency with Andrew Barrett  working alongside Google Ideas and Shine Group building numerous web platforms using open source  technologies
  • Studied Mathematics with Artificial Intelligence and  graduated from The University of Edinburgh 2002


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