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$2 Million

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Zay Products is raising $2 million to produce its innovative new ski boot

$13.5 billion global ski market with 82 million skiers is marked by stagnant innovation

Innovative tensioning system addresses the key complaint of skiers: Comfort and warmth

A decade in development, tested over 3,000 days and validated by 70+ recreational and 23 professional skiers, Olympians, World Cup racers, ski instructors and boot fitters

Comfortable and warm, and built for performance for both recreational and competitive skiers

Why millions of skiers live to take their boots off

Skiers of all levels experience cold and painful feet.

No more buckling or adjusting on or off the lift with Zay boots.

Zay’s design addresses the root problem

Patented design that allows automatic tensioning of the boot when the skier is active,

and releases tension when the skier is in a more relaxed upright position

Over 3,000 days of on-snow testing

“Radial closure is the key of the boot. The concept works exactly where the competitors fail…”

Mark Elling, Director of Ski & Skiing Magazine boot test, Bend OR



“It’s by far the best blend of high performance and precision without compromising fit that I’ve skied.”

Chris Exall, Ski Boot tester & journalist, United Kingdom



“The Zay ski boot is a revolutionary shift in ski boot design that is meant to be more comfortable out of the box, warmer due to the large toe and radial buckle system and perform at a higher level due to its proprietary shell composition”

Gary Miller, Olympic Alpine Coach

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