Capital raising competitions sponsored by Castle Placement and partners​


  • Throughout the competition companies (real or conceptual) pitch their businesses on Castle Placement’s website​


  • Online voters and Castle Placement narrow the field during the online voting period​


  • The four finalists pitch at the grand finale to a panel of prestigious judges from PE, VC, and corporations, including a spirited Q&A session​


  • At the end of the event the judges select the winner​


  • The grand prize is free usage of the CPGO app to meet targeted prospective investors​


CPGO Competition I – WeWork​

CPGO Competition II – CUNY Startups and Amazon​

CPGO Competition III – LinkedIn

CPGO Competition IV, V, VII, IX, XI, XIII and XV – University of Michigan

CPGO Competition VI – Columbia University

CPGO Competition VIII – The StartUp Club

CPGO Competition X – Dartmouth College

CPGO Competition XII

University of Barcelona

CPGO Competition XIV – University of Texas at Austin, Babson College, Rutgers University, New York University

CPGO Competition XVI – Georgetown University, Vanderbilt University, University of Chicago, Indiana University, Rutgers University

CPGO Competition XVII – Barcelona School of Economics

CPGO Competition XVIII – Benjamin Talks

CPGO Competition XIX – Vanderbilt University, Brandeis University

Eric Fretz – Client

Entrepreneurship Faculty Lecturer, University of Michigan

The CPGO Competition was great as always. I really appreciate you creating this space for the teams. They really

seem to rise to the occasion and get a lot out of it. I very much enjoy this partnership and the growth and

engagement it fosters for my students!! Thanks!

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