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Our Current Offerings

* Certain closed deals were placed through StoneCastle Securities, LLC

Helping Great Companies Grow

Looking to obtain the right business capital? We can help.

  • Raise capital or find loans for your middle market company
  • $1 million to $1 billion in all industries/geographies
  • Growth, Early Stage, Seed / 506c, Reg A+, Reg CF
  • Artificial intelligence/machine learning accurately matches investors with companies
  • CPGO – proprietary app connects companies with investors in real time
  • Robust, data-driven, deal flow technology facilitates information flow, negotiations, documentation, and closing
  • Experienced investment bankers: extensive relationships and structuring experience
  • Over 64,500 institutional investors and 600,000 accredited investors – private equity, venture capital, high net worth, strategic, family offices, pension funds, foundations, endowments, sovereign wealth funds, hedge funds and lenders
Helping Great Companies Grow

Castle’s Capital Raising Services

Reg D 506 (c)

No Size Limitations on Capital Raise

Accredited and Institutional Investors Only

Launch as fast as 1 week

3rd party upfront costs: Low

Reg A+

Raise up to $75 million each year.

Non-Accredited, Accredited and Institutional Investors

Launch in approx. 6 months

3rd party upfront costs: $100,000 – $150,000

Reg CF

Raise up to $5 million per year

All Investors (Focus on Non-Accredited Investors)

Launch in approx. 4 to 6 weeks

3rd party costs: Minimal

Helping Great Companies Grow

Castle Placement Referral Program

Castle Placement has raised billions of dollars for our clients.

Refer a Company. Earn Up to $5,000.

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Helping Great Companies Grow

Webinar: FinTech and Investment Banking Technology – Castle Placement/Debevoise Plimpton

Topics focus on:

  • FinTech disruption and what the legal impact might be for financial services companies
  • how the financial services landscape is being transformed by the widespread adoption of financial technology
  • how to structure transactions in response to an evolving regulatory framework

CPGO Competition

  • CPGO Competition I – WeWork
  • CPGO Competition II – CUNY Startups and Amazon
  • CPGO Competition III – LinkedIn
  • CPGO Competition IV, V , VII, IX, and XI – University of Michigan
  • CPGO Competition VI – Columbia University
  • CPGO Competition VIII – StartUp Club
  • CPGO Competition X – Dartmouth College, Tuck School of Business
  • CPGO Competition XII – Coming Soon

CPGOappSM – cutting edge app

Matches private companies raising debt and equity capital with targeted institutional lenders and investors

  • best matching technology
  • granular investment criteria
  • over 600,000 accredited investors and 64,500 institutional investors
  • investor contact information
  • automated emailing
Helping Great Companies Grow

Featured Transaction:

Hughes Energy – Clean Waste Disposal Facility

Hughes Energy, LLC is seeking $80.30 million (excluding sponsor-contributed $11.45 million in equity) to construct a clean waste disposal (waste-to-value) facility in Greene-Delaware County, New York – converts low-valued organic Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) into higher-valued green fuel pellets for biomass electricity generation and other end-products.


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