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Energy Services/ Technology


$25 Million

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Gas it Up (GIU) is seeking $25 million to grow – a leading provider of  mobile fueling services delivering directly to fleet vehicles. Capital will  be used to acquire trucks utilized for deliveries, retire bridge debt,  working capital and expansion.

24/7 on-demand service with state-of-the-art technology that supports efficient and safe fleet fueling processes

Immediate invoicing, API connectivity, approved fuel card usage, and access to a range of data and metrics based on fueling history

The mobile fueling market is estimated to be worth $4.8 billion, growing to $9.3 billion by 2032, with mobile fuel delivery on-demand a significant opportunity

Currently serving customers in several states, including Pennsylvania, Texas, New Jersey, and New York, and generated just over $5 million for FY 2022. GIU plans to  expand to 20 locations by 2026


On-demand mobile fueling is well positioned to grow, as the number of gasoline stations in the US continues to decline and consumers seek convenient refueling solutions

GIU’s unique business model sets it apart from traditional gas stations and offers a convenient alternative for fleet customers

The US electric truck market in 2021 was $308 million and is forecast to grow to $1.5 billion by 2030

GIU is working with EV industry specialists to develop a business vision and approach to provide services and products for the Electric Vehicle market

Solution / Strategy

GIU’s solution to the on-demand mobile fueling industry is to provide an easy-to-use platform that allows users to register their vehicles, schedule desired fueling times, and pay for fuel. This seamless process helps fleets save time, money, and stay safe by bringing the gas pump to them

GIU’s interactive software also allows fleet managers to gain valuable insights through comprehensive built-in data analytics and a fuel management panel – providing real-time data on fuel usage, cost, and efficiency, allowing fleet managers to make informed decisions about fuel usage

Continuously evolving its technology, including the development of telematics that allow vendors to connect through embedded APIs for real-time decision-making through visualization of data streams

To ensure secure fuel delivery, GIU uses a custom-created location-based geofencing system that allows it to specifically section out and pinpoint the exact areas and vehicles that are approved for fueling

Management Team

David P. Grigsby – Chief Executive Officer

An accomplished senior executive with 40+ years of international investment, business, and oil & gas consulting experience

Previously, Chairman and CEO of several companies domestic and international

Former US Presidential Advisory Board Appointee for 12 years.

Victor Rodriguez – Founder & President

Private sector executive managing operations for brands such as Tower West Management and TPS Parking Management

Sits on the Board of Directors and the Finance Committee for the Emma L. Bowen Community Service Center in Harlem, New York

Gregory Carroll – Chief Client Officer

President of Carroll Financial Group for 20+ years and a blue-chip producer with MassMutual

In 2011, became CEO of Empire Construction Management

In 2005, became President of C&G Equipment Leasing and worked on various Port Authority, MTA, and DOT projects

Fred Spivak – COO & CFO

Senior-level experience with companies having revenue of up to $1 billion

Roles at various operating companies (some within the energy sector), a private equity firm, and on a Board of Directors

Led an IPO process as the company’s CFO and Chief Investor Relations Officer

Gregory F. Wilder – Chief Legal Officer, Chief Tax Officer, and General Counsel

Owner of two CPA firms currently, providing high-end tax consulting services to many ultra-high net worth clients

Over thirty years as a tax advisor and senior tax partner with three major international accounting firms (Arthur Andersen, Grant Thornton and BDO), as well as large regional firms. Three years at the J.P. Morgan Private Bank

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