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$15 Million

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Theta Institute is seeking $15 million to further develop its advanced law enforcement leadership education and training platform

State-of-the-art and technologically advanced law enforcement learning spaces and secure virtual classrooms 

Negotiating options to purchase several distressed properties for expansion at favorable prices

Non-political and non-partisan


Typical US law enforcement organizations spend 49% (over $5.8 billion) of their budgets on training


Over four million law enforcement participants in the US need training including full-time and part-time police officers, corrections officers, school resource officers, national guard, CDC, FBI, DEA, USPS, EPA, TSA, Border Patrol, and the IRS


Significant market need for an advanced education and training


Theta Institute is sharply focused on topics and issues not covered by Federal, State or Local agencies nor training academies, nor that of most colleges and universities that mostly focus on attracting and/or training entry level personnel


Theta Institute will train law enforcement agencies from the Federal, State, County and City levels, domestically and internationally


Advanced and aggressive curriculum and syllabus designed in conjunction with all agency need, utilizing the latest intelligence, science, techniques, and resources available and delivered in state-of-the-art and technologically advanced learning spaces and secure virtual classrooms


Guided by a carefully picked exceptional board of directors and leadership from the agencies, industry, academia, law enforcement and the community at large with faculty comprised of U.S. and internationally proven subject matter experts in their respective fields


Become a fully accredited college meeting and exceeding all state federal and international guidelines as quickly as possible


Shane Klein – Chief Executive Officer

Deep expertise in defense contracting, defense operations, and law enforcement training.  US Army veteran with experience in military intelligence.  Significant roles in the private sector helping secure defense contracts and most recently as founder and CEO of TACHLEES International, Inc., providing solutions for critical needs of U.S. government agencies.

Bob Ingegneri – President

Significant experience in defense and intelligence operations.  As Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering at the Pentagon, led a team on all operations and fund procurement activities and as Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence had a $2 billion budget responsibility.  Completed a distinguished 20-year career in the USAF with increasing responsibility, culminating at the Office of the Inspector General, Chief, MAJCOM investigations.  MS, Total Quality Management – Business, Anna Maria College; BA Mathematics, University of Vermont.

Bob Davis – Executive Director

Experienced Project Manager and Systems Engineer with a demonstrated history of solving technical, programmatic, and personnel problems in the Intelligence Community.  Proven skills in Management, Government, Leadership, Talent Acquisition, Project Planning, Systems Engineering and Program Management. Led Intelligence Community space and Information Technology acquisition and operations efforts for over thirty-five years.  Bachelor of Science – BS in Statistics from The University of Akron and a Master of Science in Systems Management from Capitol University.

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