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Matches private companies raising debt and equity with targeted institutional lenders and investors

  • The premier investment bank for private companies
  • Precise matching technology
  • Granular investment criteria
  • Over 64,500 institutional investors and lenders (private equity, venture capital, family offices, hedge funds, etc.)
  • Automated emailing
  • Instant messaging
  • Contact info (email / phone # / investment criteria)
  • Update and monitor status in real-time

Member | FINRA, SIPC

Helping Great Companies Grow

CPGO NetworkSM

Compliance and Limitations

Castle relies solely on the accuracy and completeness of information provided by the company without assuming any responsibility for investigation or independent verification, whether or not Castle reviews it. The CPGO Network utilizes general solicitation of investors. If required, i) transactions must be done in accordance with Rule 506(c) of Regulation D of the Securities Act of 1933 with respect to exemption from registration, and reasonable efforts must be taken to verify that investors are accredited; and/or ii) company and investors must comply with all other applicable federal, state and foreign securities or blue sky laws, rules, regulations, and registration requirements in connection with the offering and sale of securities. Investor agrees that it will make its own decisions, and agrees to indemnify and hold Castle harmless, regarding any investment.

Castle will NOT:

  • be involved with, or responsible for, communications between company and investors;
  • participate in any follow-up, negotiations, documentation, or structuring related to investments;
  • be responsible for the contents of any information provided by company;
  • be responsible for any due diligence or financial information regarding the company;
  • provide any express or implied advice, representations, commitments, guarantees, endorsement, analysis or recommendation with regard to any investment, security, company, market, or industry;
  • receive compensation that is contingent on the outcome or completion of any securities transaction;
  • have any role in effecting securities trades, or receive, transfer or hold any investor funds or securities;
  • be responsible for compliance with applicable laws, rules, regulations, and registration requirements for all offers and sales of securities;
  • be responsible for verifying that investors are accredited, closing, or the performance of the investment;
  • be under any obligation to, and provides no commitment or guarantees regarding, any investment, company, or transaction;
  • assume the responsibilities of an advisor, fiduciary or agent for any investor.

Helping Great Companies Grow

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Helping Great Companies Grow

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Meet Alan Hirsch, CEO  –  1-800 Remodel

  • Nationwide leader in home improvement marketing and lead generation
  • Seeking for $5 million of equity to expand its business
  • More recently expanded into direct construction for its homeowners
  • 2017 revenue $11 million, net income $700,000
  • Connects homeowners looking to do home renovations with top companies and brands in their area
  • In 2016, added a direct construction division to service its homeowner requests


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