Castle Placement and the University of Michigan

The finale of CPGO Competition IX, a capital raising bracket tournament sponsored by Castle Placement and the University of Michigan, took place online in November of 2020.
The contestants were all great companies poised for growth. Each finalist presented their company, opportunity, and strategy to judges in the online event. In the end, the judges selected Fifty State Suds, a growing company producing state themed natural soaps.
Helping Great Companies Grow

Investor Presentation Gallery


Company Name


Investor Presentation

2020: The Game

Sienna Petersen

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Chum Bombs

Cole Dixon

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Facial Recognition Security

Suyash Dixit

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Fifty State Studs

Zachary Layle

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Helping Great Companies Grow
No securities are issued in connection with CPGO Competition.
This is a hypothetical contest. No capital is being raised, and no securities are being offered or sold, in this contest.


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